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I was given a copy in exchange for a fair review.

Although I generally am not a fan of Steampunk, this particular story held my interest far more than the last time I tried to read within this genre. It is most impressive and an excellent story.

This story was a wonderful adaptation of Shakespeare’s The TempOTISW big buttonest. Although there were many similarities to Shakespeare, the author has added their own unique style of Steampunk to make it similar but not the same.

The characters are very well developed and the reader will find it difficult to not become emotionally involved with even the evilest of the characters.

My favorite character is Mira, the heroine of the story. She is strong and takes charge of a situation simply for helping those who need it.

The addition of classic Steampunk earmarks such as an airship, automaton, and other instruments gives this story a unique twist. It is by far the best I have read in this genre.

This author, although new to the writing world, has the talent to become a great author simply by virtue of this most excellent story. I give this story a 5 star rating.


About the Author:

S853MXQY_400x400Alyson Grauer is a writer and actor based in Chicago, IL. She has contributed to Tee Morris and Pip Ballantine’s Parsec Award-winning “Tales From The Archives” anthology, set in the world of their Airship Award-winning “Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences” novels. She has provided the narration for several audiobooks, including Kailin Gow’s “Never Say Never” and “Never Land” as well as Michael Jasper’s “A Sudden Outbreak of Magic.”

A proud graduate of Loyola University of Chicago, she works with a number of theatre companies in the Chicago area including Piccolo Theatre and Plan 9 Burlesque. Alyson has been on cast at the Bristol Renaissance Faire as well as the immersion-based steampunk convention TeslaCon. She is originally from Milwaukee, WI, plays the ukulele and has a great love for Shakespeare and commedia dell’arte.

Her novella “Lavenza, or The Modern Galatea” appeared in Xchyler Publishing’s “Mechanized Masterpieces: A Steampunk Anthology” in 2013. Her short story “The Brother Sister Fable” appears in Xchyler Publishing’s “Legends and Lore: An Anthology of Mythic Proportions” and her debut novel “On The Isle of Sound and Wonder”, also from Xchyler, will be released in November 2014.


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