The Talking Walls by Author Lydia North


The Talking Walls

Off the coast of Maine is the island of Grand Pins. There you’ll find the Baleine family mansion. It’s a centuries old house that is really quite haunted. Joanne and Kevin found the house while on vacation. The price was just too good to resist. Now they’re living with angry spirits who have their own agendas. They must make peace with the ghosts or they will likely join them.

Joanne and her husband found the house of their dreams on Grand Pins Island, Maine. Their first night in their new home, Joanne heard someone talking. She saw something moving in the shadows. The activity escalated rapidly, but her husband refused to believe. Can Erik Rivard and Sadie help Joanne before she loses her marriage or her mind?


“Erik, it hurts.” My eyes opened slowly and closed again. In the dark room, I fought my way upstream from a blissful dream. Sadie rocked left and right restlessly. I guessed that a nightmare had her talking in her sleep.

Gently, I shook her to bring her out of it.

“No!” she protested.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, growing annoyed at being waked.

“You’re hurting me!” she insisted.

“I’m not doing anything!” I objected.

81YHjVfbSlL._SL1500_“My hair,” she cried. “You’re pulling my hair!”

I reached for the small lamp that had been placed on a wooden chair beside the bed. Blinking to adjust to the light, I rolled back to look at Sadie. She was sitting beside me on the bed, glaring at me.

“Sadie, I didn’t touch your hair,” I assured her. ”

“Your arm was under me. Why were you yanking my hair?”

“I didn’t!”

She turned to look at the pillow where strands of hair lay across the white linen.

“Look at this! It was tugged hard enough to pull out!”

“Sadie, I think we have company,” I spoke softly.

“Who?” she whispered anxiously.

“I have no idea, but this is not a good spirit.”

“I’m afraid, Erik.”

“Yea, me too,” I admitted.

“Please leave the light on,” she pleaded and I readily agreed.

Eventually we drifted off into sleep again. Sadie lay on her back with my useless arm beneath her and the other wrapped protectively over her. If the spirits returned, they didn’t wake us.

When I opened my eyes again, the sun was up; struggling to shine through dull, gray clouds.


About the Author:

Kim ScottKim Scott was born in South Carolina and grew up in Scarborough, Maine. She currently lives near the coast in Southern Maine. Her pen name used for The Spirits of Maine is Lydia North.




Ms. Scott is also the author of:

The Ruth Chernock Series
1.Regarding Ruth,

2. In Ruth’s Memory

3. On Grace’s Shoulders

4. Pink Sky & Mourning

The Manning Family Series
1. What Happened to Alex Manning?,

2. Shuttering the Manning House

The Spirits of Maine Series (Pen Name Lydia North)

1. Waiting for Harvey, published under my pen name Lydia North.

2. Lilies in the Clearing

3. The Talking Walls is coming Dec 1st 2014.

New titles coming in 2015: ‘Plummeting’ ‘Forgive Me Mattie’, and ‘A Solitary Grave in the Maine Woods’.

The Spirits of Maine Series can be bought here:

Video of The Talking Walls:

YouTube Video of Talking Walls:

Don’t miss the Facebook launch event:

Come celebrate the release ‘The Talking Walls’
Book 3 in The Spirits of Maine Series
Ghost Stories from Maine Author Kim Scott, writing as Lydia North

Find the author here:

Kim Scott/Lydia North Amazon Page:

Kim Scott Author Facebook:



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