Ted Atoka: From the side of a dirt road


 This is an author I recently had the privilege of reading 3 of his books. I found the stories to be inspiring and heartfelt. Please take a few minutes to read more about him and his wonderful stories.


About the Author:

Ted Atoka
Author Ted Atoka

I chronicle what I see, and write all kinds of stuff.

If you’ve heard that I live on the side of a dirt road, believe it. It’s a fact. Wifey and I are proud caretakers of a little section of our planet. We love where we live, and whenever we talk about being at home…we think about our place on the side of a dirt road.

I’ve written more than 250 combined short stories, novellas, flash fiction pieces, and published six books. My preferred genre is contemporary humorous fiction, although I’ve also written and published stories in mystery and suspense genres, and showcased a few horror stories in an anthology.


Ted’s Books:

A few reviews on Ted’s books:

From Fiametta’s Dream: 5 Star 

Fiammetta Shaidy (Fi-Fi) and Betty Greenfield, co-founders of Villa Paradiso, the appropriately-named rural Oklahoma estate for a wonderful collection of older ladies and gentlemen, again embark on a set of adventures sure not only to entertain, and enlighten, the still-lively geriatric set, but also to help younger folks view the coming years with a certain amount of hope rather than despair. Fi-Fi and Betty are very well off financially as a result of family entrepreneurial decisions involving peanuts and chicken manure, but as we meet them in this sequel to Atoka’s earlier book, Villa Paradiso, they’re on Fi-Fi’s motor coach with a collection of well-armed passengers returning from a recreational outing at a local shooting range. Fi-Fi’s Dream is filled with humor, sensitivity, deep respect for those in the later years, and always a reminder that those years should be filled with rich experiences. The dream is not only of a physical place, of course, a state-of-the-art facility with all the amenities, but it’s also of an ideal way of life for the post-60 crowd, and especially for those with Alzheimer’s. We follow Fi-Fi and her entourage through the design and construction of her dream, encounters with Atoka’s rich supply of interesting characters, a cruise that turns out to be a combination of new ways of seeing the world and decision-making respites (along with an hilarious attempted takeover by what can only be called the Keystone Pirates), and a return to the place she has built into a home in the most meaningful sense of the word, a home not only for herself, but for those she loves and respects. Along the way, every page is filled with that typical Ted Atoka combination of authentic conversation between interesting characters, thoughts about the future, and ties to the past. Highly recommended.


From Dead Fall: 5 Star

This was another entertaining read by a gifted author. Ted being American and me a Brit, our humor sometimes differs, but this put a smile on my face. To concoct such hilarity from a sombre and tragic occasion takes skill, which the writer has in abundance. We are introduced to a cast of colorful characters from diverse backgrounds, each one mourning their friend, Barney. Not wishing to spoil the enjoyment for the readers, I will refrain from confiding about Barney’s ailment, and his outrageous, hilarious quest to cure it. The only thing that marred my enjoyment of this story was that it had to end. I’m not sure if this is a true story, but I somehow hope it is. Beautifully written and a deserved five stars from me.


From Villa Paradiso: 5 Star

For those interested in a story that outlines the plight of those in a nursing home facility, this is the story to read. As a former worker in a nursing home, I can say that the author’s description is dead on accurate. Staff with attitude, non-existent budgets and accounting inaccuracies of the drugs distributed is pretty close to what I used to work with. Everyone of the staff had major attitude problems and rarely gave good care of the residents. It was very sad and hard to work with.

This story is very similar to my real life job except when a major benefactor swoops in and begins the process of properly caring for those who live there. Two elderly women saving those from their own generation. It’s hard to comprehend but they are the hero’s of the story.

The reader will experience many emotions throughout this book. I highly recommend it!


Find more of Ted Atoka here:









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