Christmas Tag 2014


As you can tell its December which means Christmas is around the corner and I’m feeling very festive I heard about the Christmas tag from a fellow blogger, , and wanted to join in so here we go.


1. What is your favorite thing about Christmas?

            Time with my girls and grandkids!

2. How will your Christmas tree be decorated this year?

My tree won’t be much since I live alone but, it will be up.  Small with some special decorations from my girls over the years.

3. When did you (or when will you) start Christmas shopping?

        I am done. Living on a limited income, I have to be very frugal with my purchases so I generally start right after the first of the year.

4. To brussel sprout or not to brussel sprout?

Brussel spouts? Hmmm, no!



5. What are your favorite Christmas films? Why

It’s a Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart. I love the meaning behind the movie. You don’t  know  what you have until it’s gone!

6. What is your most hated Christmas song?

          I don’t hate any Christmas songs!

7. Which smells define Christmas for you?

          Roast turkey with stuffing and apple pie!

8. Do you have any annual Christmas traditions?

Not anymore I don’t. For years my kids would decorate the tree on whatever weekend we could get it in. Sometimes a month ahead, sometimes a week ahead!

9. What would you like for Christmas this year?

Can I say world peace? Hmmm, that might be asking for  a lot. All I really want is time with my family.

10. How are you celebrating Christmas and New Year?

Celebrating Christmas at my daughter’s house with a breakfast. New Years? I don’t go out anymore. Too old!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year around the world. May we see a better year in 2015!


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