The Illegals, Carson Reno Mysteries, by Gerald Darnell


Crime DOES pay – especially crime that has the support of our legal system.

Carson’s investigative work for Attorney Jack Logan runs smack into the path of the largest law firm in West Tennessee. Trying to stay out of their path only succeeds in putting Carson in the crosshairs of lawyers who want him out of the way.

Power struggles, infidelity, organized crime and eventually murder all appear to be somehow linked to this powerful law firm – McCabe, McCabe, Clark and Lewis.

This is a story of the small versus the large in a little West Tennessee community that has no idea of the crime and corruption that lay underneath their quiet daily lives.

Join Carson as he takes on the fight of his career when he challenges ‘the Illegals’.

A new storyline on another blog. New episode posted every Sunday. Episode 1 and 2 now posted. The best part? It’s FREE! Check it out here:



1 thought on “The Illegals, Carson Reno Mysteries, by Gerald Darnell”

  1. Name: Elizabeth White
    Comment: If you have been a “MAD MEN ” fan and a “die hard ” fan of the 1960’s, then “THE CARSON RENO SERIES” is for you! Those who were growing up in a small town during the ’60s can truly identify with the setting of the small (and real) town of Humboldt, Tennessee. And, those who grew up in or ever visited Memphis, Tennessee in the ’60s will recognize all of the locations that existed at that period of time. For those who never lived during this era of time, the series will be as refreshing as a cool drink of water. You may read them in or out of order, for the author gives the reader necessary background information to understand where CARSON RENO is and where he has been. enjoy !!

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