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Introducing Agy Wilson


I love family, art, environment, history, calligraphy and all things language. It’s only natural for me throw it into a huge pot and cook up my books. When I’m not playing with kids or pets, I’m usually immersing myself in my work.
I design my own covers. I also do it freelance for other people (as well as formatting for Createspace and Kindle).

Discover Agy’s work here:


Duke Day for Annie
Annie gets ready for a famous guest’s visit. We see the summertime temptations as she whisks through her day’s preparations with flair and fun. Based on true events from Ann Cummings Searcy’s life, Duke Day for Annie is about a little girl’s friendship with Duke Ellington. Set in Old Orchard Beach, Maine around 1937, the story is told with syncopated rhyme, an ear to old phrases, and rich language. Large Print. Facebook fan page, resource page and activities. (some features may not be available at the present day. Available in print and ebook format.



Nana’s Gift
Darlee Sims is left at Nana’s for the weekend and at first is not happy with it. But having fun with Nana, Pasha and Honey, Darlee learns about her family, and best of all herself. Large Print Resources and activities page (these pages aren’t available at the present time To Be Announced). Available in print and ebook format.


Room Wars
Will Addie May survive a messy divorce? Will her mom and sister survive her? Something has to give… Short Story. To be a part of a future anthology. Eversion only at present.


Precious Pets: Kittens &Puppies & Old Places: A coloring book

A coloring book featuring a variety of kittens and puppies in old places they would have felt at home. The book features each design printed twice for do overs as well as display. Created with the adult as well as child in mind.


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