Dos Angeles by Michael O’Hara

DOS ANGELES by Michael O'Hara ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GENRE: Mystery ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BLURB: Dos Angeles, the first in a franchise of mysteries featuring Paco Moran, puts the multicultural thirty-something ex-LAPD homicide detective turned reluctant private eye on the trail of a beautiful young Latina on the run with ten million dollars in cash. Half Anglo and half Mexican, … Continue reading Dos Angeles by Michael O’Hara

The Dollhouse in the Crawlspace by Ellen Byerrum

The Dollhouse in the Crawlspace by Ellen Byerrum ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GENRE: Suspense/Thriller ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BLURB: If you lost your memories, would you lose your soul? “In my memories, my eyes are always green.” After a devastating accident, a young woman finds herself recovering in a memory research facility. Her eyes are brown; her memories are broken. Years … Continue reading The Dollhouse in the Crawlspace by Ellen Byerrum

Triangulating Bliss by Janelle Jalbert

Triangulating Bliss by Janelle Jalbert ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GENRE:  Contemporary Paranormal Women’s Fiction ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BLURB: A struggling veteran reads about the mysterious death of a local athlete and wants to learn more. He meets the owner of the business linked to the crime and discovers others have “disappeared”. All stories include a man with dark hair, blue … Continue reading Triangulating Bliss by Janelle Jalbert

Happy 2nd Anniversay

2 years since I started this blog. My how time flies when having this much fun! Here's to many more years! Happy Anniversary with! You registered on 2 years ago! Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!

A Reaper of Stone by Mark Gelineau and Joe King

A REAPER OF STONE by Mark Gelineau and Joe King ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GENRE: Fantasy NOTE: This book is FREE on Amazon for 5 days beginning the date of the book blast. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ a Rafflecopter giveaway // A Lady is dead. Her noble line ended. And the King’s Reaper has come to reclaim her land and her … Continue reading A Reaper of Stone by Mark Gelineau and Joe King

Entropy by Robert Raker

Entropy by Robert Baker ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GENRE: Crime Drama ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BLURB: When a series of child abductions and murders disrupt the life of an economically blighted community, the consequences have far-reaching implications. The brutal crimes take a different toll on a disparate group of individuals; the scuba diver who retrieves the children’s bodies; the disfigured cellist … Continue reading Entropy by Robert Raker