Fight for the Fae by Ariel Marie


Fight for the Fae

The Mirrored Prophecy 2

Author: Ariel Marie

Release Date: September 30, 2015

Genre: Paranormal Romance


Fight for the Fae BOOK BLURB

Arlina, Guardian of Faery, has sworn to protect all of those who consider the human and Faery realms home. She agrees to go to the Underworld and surrender herself to the Demon King. Discovering the missing supernaturals and his plan for them, she must stop the Demon King at all cost.

The Demon King’s banishment has been broken. His horde of creatures from the Underworld has been released onto the human realm, annihilating everything in their path. Once he conquers the entire human realm, Faery will be next. The power he harnesses from Faery will make him next to indestructible.

Colin has made a promise to go after Arlina. He refuses to let his mate go, but devastating news about her makes its way from the Underworld, tearing his world apart while his past comes back to haunt him.

Vampires, image005Shifters, Witches and the Fae must stand together in order to fight against the Demon King. Their belief in Arlina must not waiver. Their very likelihood depends on her powers and the destiny that she chooses. The Mirrored Prophecy has now been set in motion but Arlina refuses to roll over and let fate decide her future. Only she can control her destiny, no one else!

More is at stake, now than ever, but will she prove that she can control her future, save the realms and reunite with her true love?

It’s not everyday that you wake up with the world on your shoulders. Lina is determined, more than ever, to find a way to stop the Demon King. He underestimates her, like everyone else in battle, he sees her as a small Faery warrior. She will show him how powerful she has become. She refuses to fall on the side of evil in the Mirrored Prophecy!

~Fight for the Fae~

Our heroine, Arlina a.k.a Lina, finds herself a prisoner of the Demon King. He doesn’t trust her alone. Melomouzor appoints a Demon guard detail to watch and protect her. He doesn’t want to take the chance that Colin and her brother Keegan will try to rescue her. Raber is chosen to lead the Demon guard to protect the soon to be Queen of the Underworld.

Fight for the Fae

The Mirrored Prophecy 2


Chapter One (Sneak Peek)


Earlier that day…

She will lose a love, gain a love, bear love and sacrifice for love. What does that mean? The Seer’s words ring through my mind. My grandmother arranged a meeting with Epan, the Highest Druid Priest and one of his Seers, Yasmin, to discuss my future that she has foretold. A lot has been going on in the last few weeks.

It’s not every day that you learn that your fate is part of a mirrored prophecy that will determine the fate of the world. Your first child will play a part in either destroying the world or saving it. That’s a lot for anyone to take in, but I have no choice but to accept my fate. I refuse to believe that I will play a part of destroying the human realm. Earth is as much my home as Faery is. Half of my childhood was spent here. My mother, Loredana Văduva, was a human Witch who died when I was fifteen years old in a Demon attack. Both sides of the family made sure that my brother Keegan and I spent time with my mother’s side of the family. My father Vamir Waldmar never denied my Witch side even though he is a full Fae. He is the Prince of the Light Fae to be exact, the future heir to the throne.

The marriage between my parents was arranged to create a treaty between the Witches and the Fae. Both sides have honored this agreement since my parents exchanged their nuptials. In the past two years, supernaturals have gone missing and the Witches and Fae have been working together. Recently, they have teamed up with the Shifters and the Vampires. We were able to trace the disappearances to the current leader of the Underworld and King of the Demons, Melomouzor. Melomouzor was exiled to the Underworld over a millennium ago because he was trying to develop a super Demon and take over the human realm.

Ten supernaturals, kimage007nown as the Ancients, played a part in banishing him to the Underworld as a way to prevent him from conquering the human realm. He is on a mission to complete what he started and he needs my blood to help him cross over to the human realm. Any other day I would tell him to fuck himself, but he’s found a way to start bringing destruction to Earth. He’s had help bringing his Demons to the realm and kidnapping supernaturals.

We don’t know if the victims are still alive. We have no clue except that he must have been experimenting on the supernaturals and Demons. There was a large Demon attack where he sent his new enhanced Demons. These Demons were stronger, faster and we could tell that they had been enhanced with supernatural traits. We fought the Demons hard but most escaped. One of the Demons was able to capture my brother Keegan and took him to the Underworld. I want my brother back. There is no way in hell that I will rest until my brother is back from the Underworld, even if I have to sacrifice myself.

I leave the meeting that my grandmother arranged with Epan and Yasmin, stating that I am tired and want to rest before our other meeting that is scheduled in a few hours. I talk Colin into going back to check on his pack and the Legion’s progress with the Demons. Tonight’s meeting will be all supernatural leaders getting together to plan a way to defend the human realm against the new breed of Demons and keeping Melomouzor in the Underworld.image013

I have a plan. My amulet that hangs around my neck warms at the plan that I came up with. I can’t tell anyone my plan; if I do they will try to talk me out of it. I sneak into my room locking the door behind me. There is someone that I have to talk to and I need to go to sleep to do this. Since I have the power of the Fae, I should be able to dream walk to reach him. Before gaining these powers I didn’t know I had, I had never dream walked. Once learning the depths of my powers, I was sent to Faery to train to learn how to use them before having to make an urgent return to the human realm.

I should be able to dream walk without any problems. Having all the powers and accessing them should come easy for me. I just need to use them and not think so much. I have no choice. It will be up to me to save Keegan and the realm. I lay across my bed trying to get comfortable. This will only work if I fall asleep. I relax my breathing to slow deep breaths. My body finally relaxes and I doze off to sleep.


Will Lina be powerful enough to defeat the Demon King while saving the realms? Will true love prevail during the Fight for the Fae?


Review of Power of the Fae (Book 1 in The Mirrored Prophecy)

When worlds collide and important people start disappearing, a young couple (one of the Fae, the other a wolf) is thrown together to investigate and find out what is happening with the supernaturals. Colin MacKenzie is the Alpha wolf of his pack. He is all male and Arlina Waldmar, Princess of the Light Fae, can’t help her attraction to him. They both feel the attraction but Colin decides not to claim her as his mate. As they investigate the missing supernatural disappearances, their attraction for each other becomes nearly impossible to deny. Will these two finally accept that they are meant to be together or will their obvious division tear them apart?

Excellent read, full of interesting characters, enough angst to keep the reader guessing, and all the wonderment of supernatural creatures. I truly enjoyed this story and am sure other readers will find it interesting as well.

Review of Fight for the Fae (Book 2 in The Mirrored Prophecy)

In this sequel, Colin and Arlina have finally come together. However, there is evil (in more than just one person) who would drive the lovers apart. Arlina loves her brother. Loves him enough to give herself up to the evil who has been capturing and imprisoning the supernaturals along with her brother. In return for his freedom, Arlina is caught between doing as the evil Demon King proclaims and trying to find a way to escape his ultimate evil. During her time with the Demon King, forces work to separate the Princess from the man she loves. Unforeseen circumstances drive a  wedge between Arlina and Colin. One that may separate them forever.

Again, this was an excellent continuation of a story that will hold the reader from beginning to end. This reader is caught and will continue reading when book 3 comes out.

About the author

Ariel Marie fell in love with books at an early age. She can remember her first favorite book was Mickey Meets the Giant. She read the book so many times that it fell apart and she was devastated! Fast-forward thirty years later, Ariel now writes books she hopes readers will fall in love with and read over and over. Paranormal romance is her favorite genre. Who doesn’t love Shifters, Witches, Faes andimage011 all the other paranormals? She just loves writing about couple’s first meeting, the magnetism of when their eyes first meet and the first kiss! Her favorite part of writing paranormals is creating the world that the characters live in.

She married her high school sweetheart. Together, they are raising three beautiful children. When she’s not writing or reading, she loves spending time with her husband and three munchkins. She loves cooking and baking!. She’s always trying new recipes! If you have a good recipe, send it to her! She just might try it!

She is a member of the Romance Writer’s Association and loves interacting with readers on social media. Look for her on Facebook and Twitter where she is most active. She loves participating in “Take Over” parties, where she has fun chatting with readers and playing games!

Ariel Marie’s Social Media Links

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Dos Angeles by Michael O’Hara

SBB_TourBanner_DosAngeles copy

by Michael O’Hara





Dos Angeles, the first in a franchise of mysteries featuring Paco Moran, puts the multicultural thirty-something ex-LAPD homicide detective turned reluctant private eye on the trail of a beautiful young Latina on the run with ten million dollars in cash. Half Anglo and half Mexican, Moran is a transitional character equally at home working in Beverly Hills or blue collar Boyle Heights, the tough East Los Angeles neighborhood where he was raised by a single mom. In his debut case Paco quickly learns he will be the fall guy if he doesn’t track down the young immigrant who allegedly stole a small fortune from a sleazy Hollywood producer secretly laundering money for a notorious drug cartel. Paco’s frantic search takes him on a roller-coaster ride through a shadowy place he calls Dos Angeles a city within the city and a virtual country unto itself.




Shining her light through the opening she saw what appeared to be a fully equipped home office. It had a desk with a computer, a printer, a multi-line phone system and custom-built shelving holding an array of accordion files and cardboard storage boxes. On entering she found an illuminated light switch she quickly turned on.

With the room now brightly lit by a series of overhead spots, the first thing she noticed was one of the storage boxes had fallen off a shelf and it was lying face down on the carpeted floor. Alongside it was a banded stack of dollar bills. Turning over the box Maria was shocked to see it was filled with more wrapped bundles of cash. But the bills weren’t ones—they were all hundred dollar Benjamins.

Almost tripping in her haste to see what was in the other boxes, she took another down, placed it on the floor and quickly removed its fitted lid. It, too, was filled with packets of hundred dollar bills. Like a pirate sifting through a chest of precious Spanish doubloons, she quickly determined there was close to a hundred thousand dollars in just that one box.

It had to be a sign, she told herself. She had suffered and endured so much over the last two months. There had been days when she didn’t know if she even had the inner strength to carry on. Now—with this amazing stroke of good fortune—she finally had some hope again.

But first she would have to get all of the money out of the house.

And once she did… where in the world would she go?



AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Emmy nominee Michael O’Hara– who has written and produced some of the highest-rated television movies and miniseries in recent memory – is adding author to his resume with the August, 2015 the publication of his first novel, Dos Angeles.

The book, featuring a bilingual and bicultural private eye named Paco Moran, centers around Moran’s desperate search for a beautiful young Latina immigrant who stole ten million dollars from the mob. In a pre-publication review American Book Award winner Peter Quinn said: Paco Moran’s debut in Michael O’Hara’s Dos Angeles is fast-paced, finely crafted, and full of surprises. It’s noir fiction for the 21st century, a helluva ride from the first page to last. Here’s hoping O’Hara brings Paco back very soon. I can’t wait!

A former award-winning journalist and NBC Vice President of Media Relations, O’Hara made an auspicious debut as a writer/producer with “Those She Left Behind,” a critically acclaimed family drama that continues to be the highest-rated TV movie (25.1/38 share) on any network in over twenty years. It starred Gary Cole and Colleen Dewhurst (who won an Emmy Award for her performance). That success was followed by the widely praised NBC movie “She Said No” which won an American Women in Radio & Television Award for Best Television Dramatic Special.

O’Hara next wrote and executive produced “Switched at Birth,” the blockbuster NBC miniseries that earned an Emmy nomination as Best Dramatic Special and remains the highest rated (22 rating/33 share) miniseries on network television since its initial telecast over two decades ago. He was also the writer and executive producer of “Murder in the Heartland,” a celebrated ABC miniseries which garnered a Casting Society of America Award and two Emmy nominations. Right after that he created and executive produced the first of 22 “Moment of Truth” movies for NBC, establishing one of the most successful film franchises in TV history.

O’Hara also wrote “She Woke Up Pregnant,” the pilot for ABC’s ‘Crimes of Passion’ franchise. It scored an impressive 13.4 rating and 21 share, making it the highest-rated ABC movie of the year. He went on to write “One Hot Summer Night,” another ‘Crimes of Passion’ thriller that was ABC’s highest-rated Thursday night movie of the season. Other producing credits include two CBS projects: “Twilight Zone – Rod Serling’s Lost Classics” and “A Child’s Wish,” which was filmed in the Oval Office and featured a cameo appearance by then President Bill Clinton. In addition he wrote and executive produced NBC’s “In His Life: The John Lennon Story” and “1st to Die,” a two-part NBC miniseries based on the best-selling novel by James Patterson.

Overall O’Hara has produced four miniseries and 33 Movies of the Week. Besides his Emmy nomination, other honors include: a Christopher Award (“A Child’s Wish”); a Prism Award (“The Accident”); a Humanitas Award nomination (“Heart of a Child”); a National Easter Seal Society Award (“To Walk Again”); an International Health & Medical Film Award (“Heart of a Child”); and the Media Award from The National Council on Problem Gambling (“Playing to Win.”)


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The Dollhouse in the Crawlspace by Ellen Byerrum


The Dollhouse in the Crawlspace
by Ellen Byerrum


GENRE: Suspense/Thriller



If you lost your memories, would you lose your soul?

“In my memories, my eyes are always green.”

After a devastating accident, a young woman finds herself recovering in a memory research facility. Her eyes are brown; her memories are broken. Years of her life are blank, yet she remembers being two very different women, one called Tennyson, the other Marissa. If she can’t trust her memories or her own eyes, who can she trust? To save her sanity and her life, she begins a secret journal between the lines of Homer’s Odyssey—and her own harrowing odyssey into madness and murder. Lost among her shattered memories, can she find her true self?




The nightmare came again last night.

The cast-off thoughts of an incubus haunt me and press me and smother me while I sleep. Recurring and mutating, but always returning to taunt me. It calls me out of the Fog.

In the dream, I am running. It is very dark and the only thing I can see is the dim outline of a house. It resembles the home I lived in growing up. The home of one of me, anyway. It’s a little two-story white Victorian cottage with green shutters and trim, only three feet tall. There are lights on inside and the tiny door swings open for me. With every step I take I shrink, until I am almost small enough to fit through the front door. Something is hard upon my heels. Someone calls my name. This time, I can’t quite remember if the voice calls for Tennyson or Marissa. I’m almost home, almost up the front steps and through the door. But I never quite make it.

My face was wet with tears when I woke up, my heart beating like a drum in my chest, a sour taste in my mouth. Despite feeling like someone was in the room watching me, I was alone. I was conscious of the ever-present camera, but it was dark. I put my hand on my chest and willed my heart to slow down.

The first time I had the dream, weeks ago now, Giles was there beside me, suddenly turning on the bedside lamp. The glare hurt my eyes. “Tennyson, are you all right?” He reached for my wrist to take my pulse. He wore a T-shirt and silk boxer shorts. “What is it?”



1. How long have you been writing?
Writing has been one of my favorite outlets since my school days. I was a journalist for many years in Washington, D.C., and a few other places, but I never stopped working on other writing. While I had a full-time job, I also wrote almost a dozen plays, both one-acts and full-lengths, before I started writing my books. The first six mysteries were written while I held that job. It was never easy, but both reporting and playwriting helped hone my book-writing skills in terms of character, voice, and dialogue.

2. How long have you been a published author? As far as books go, my first mystery, Killer Hair, was published in 2003, followed by the rest of the books in my Crime of Fashion mystery series, which are set in Washington, D.C., the City That Fashion Forgot. Two of my plays, A Christmas Cactus and Gumshoe Rendezvous, written under the pen name Eliot Byerrum, are published by Samuel French, Inc.

3. What titles do you have available? The Dollhouse in the Crawlspace, my new thriller, is my most recent book, and it is available as an ebook and as a trade paperback. (Hooray!) In addition, all of the books in my Crime of Fashion series are available: Killer Hair, Designer Knockoff, Hostile Makeover, Raiders of the Lost Corset, Grave Apparel, Armed and Glamorous, Death on Heels, Shot Through Velvet, Veiled Revenge, and Lethal Black Dress. I also have a middle-grade YA mystery, The Children Didn’t See Anything, and a short ghost story, The Last Goodbye of Harris Turner.

4. What made you choose the subject of this book? My latest book, Dollhouse, lets me explore a lot of ideas, such as the importance of our memories and our personal histories to our lives. I also looked at the question: Would being fabulously wealthy be as enticing as it sounds? I wanted to write about a heroine thrown into a world she doesn’t remember or understand. Setting the story in and around the Hunt Country in Middleburg, Virginia, a place that is gorgeous and green–that was a bonus.

5. Do you have any new titles coming soon? The trade paperback of Dollhouse just came out this month, but I do anticipate writing a sequel, tentative title is In Memory of Me. Also, next year I will publish another in the Crime of Fashion series, tentatively titled The Masque of the Red Dress. And I have been working on a prequel to the fashion mysteries, featuring a character who worked in Washington, D.C., during World War II. It is titled The Brief Luminous Flight of the Firefly.

6. What is your favourite genre and why? Mysteries and thrillers are definitely my favorite genre, to write and to read. Crime is the genre that I reach for when I want a great read. I think the whole field of crime writing gives you the best of storytelling and atmosphere setting. However, I also like to read the occasional romance and biography to mix it up

7. What, to you, is the most exciting part of the writing process? A new idea is always exciting, because I haven’t begun the arduous task of writing and rewriting and rethinking. Ideas all feels so perfect before they land on the page! Another exciting aspect for me is when something clicks into place when you least expect it. I might be taking a shower or taking a walk and all of a sudden, one thing leads to another idea and, bam, the story falls into place as if I planned it. It feels like magic.

8. If you could co-author a book with anyone, who would you choose and why? I would co-author a book with my husband, Bob Williams, for a lot of reasons. He is brilliant, creative, and a terrific editor. We always have many conversations about the books I write: the plot, the characters, the story arc. We’ve pretty much worked out the sticky issues of working together, and we’ve discussed working on a book together. It simply hasn’t happened yet..



AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Ellen Byerrum is a novelist, playwright, reporter, former Washington D.C. journalist, and a graduate of private investigator school in Virginia. The Dollhouse in the Crawlspace is her first suspense thriller, which introduces Tennyson Claxton, a woman with two sets of memories from two very different women.

Ellen also writes the Crime of Fashion mysteries, which star a savvy, stylish female sleuth named Lacey Smithsonian, a reluctant fashion reporter in Washington D.C. (“The City Fashion Forgot”).Two of the COF books,Killer Hair and Hostile Makeover, were filmed for the Lifetime Movie Network and can occasionally be seen on odd dates and odd times in the middle of the night. The latest book in that series is Lethal Black Dress, but there will be more to come.

She has also penned a middle grade mystery, The Children Didn’t See Anything. She occasionally writes a newsletter that contains her latest publishing information.

You can find more about Ellen on her website at
Facebook Author Page



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Lost Causes Book Blast

SBB_TourBanner_LostCauses copy
by Mia Marshall



Aidan Brook has spent months living with the horror of what happened when she lost control of her magic. Now she is searching for a way to manage her immense power, but she only hits one dead end after another.

On the run from a council intent on her death, Aidan, the bear shifter Mac, and the rest of her friends find themselves on a desperate chase across deserts and oceans in search of answers. Along the way, they encounter a living myth and a dual magic with secrets of his own—and they learn that the cure may be more deadly than the disease.

To save her own life, Aidan will need to confront the most dangerous foe she’s ever faced…herself.

LOST CAUSES is the fourth book in the award-winning Elements urban fantasy series.




“This may not be the best time for a heartfelt apology.” Sera’s tone was dry, but her dark eyes held no hint of humor. They weren’t focused on me, either. All her attention was reserved for the tall man with a gun standing before us.

I knew little about guns. They were one of the few ways to instantly kill any elemental, even an old one, so we tended to be big believers in gun control. It was a handgun, rather than a shotgun, and it didn’t look like one of the modern blocks of metal I saw in most action movies. If anything, it looked more like the six-shooters from old westerns.

The stranger slid his eyes to me, though the gun never wavered. He was outnumbered, and my appearance only tilted the scales further in our favor, but he showed no sign of nerves. “Come on, then. Join your friends.”

A growl rumbled through the night.

The man was smart enough to move his eyes toward Mac. “You’re weighing the odds right now, aren’t you? Figuring out how fast you can move versus how fast I can pull the trigger. I’ll give you a hint.” He swung the gun to his right until the barrel pointed straight at me. “Not fast enough.”



AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Mia Marshall is the award-winning author of the Elements urban fantasy series. Before she started writing about imaginary worlds, she worked as a high school teacher, script supervisor, story editor, legal secretary, and day care worker. She has lived all along the US west coast and throughout the UK, where she collected an unnecessary number of degrees in literature, education, and film.

These days, she lives in a small house in the Sierra Nevadas, where she is surrounded by a small but deadly feline army.


BUY Links:





NOTE: The first book of the series, BROKEN ELEMENTS, is now FREE!!!



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Triangulating Bliss by Janelle Jalbert


Triangulating Bliss

by Janelle Jalbert


GENRE:  Contemporary Paranormal Women’s Fiction



A struggling veteran reads about the mysterious death of a local athlete and wants to learn more. He meets the owner of the business linked to the crime and discovers others have “disappeared”.

All stories include a man with dark hair, blue eyes, and a strong jaw.

Then, it’s his turn.

The mysterious forces at Bliss change everything. What brought them all to Bliss is not as it appears and their lives are powerfully interconnected across space and time.




Introducing Setting and Second Primary Character

Greg opened the backdoor to Bliss. He forced himself to stop thinking about how the name of the place made him think of a day spa rather than a barbeque joint. The tell-tale wood smoke greeted him, causing his stomach to growl and suspending his thoughts about the name of the place. Musical chimes sounded above the door as Greg’s eyes adjusted from the glare of the fall sun to the darkened interior.

Figures, he thought. Why wouldn’t there be chimes at a place called Bliss?

Once his eyes adjusted, the bar area didn’t seem to be out of the ordinary. Greg stopped at the partition just inside the door. It was covered with a list of sayings:

Follow Your Bliss

Happiness Is an Inside Job

Be Careful What You Wish For

There’s No Better Time to Claim the Future You Want Than Now

A half-laugh escaped him. He thought it was a menu board at first and the philosophizing caught him off guard. Still, the final statement hit close to home, and he took a deep breath.

Greg headed to the long black bar. A smaller party room was to the right with about a dozen tables to the left. It had the feel of a contemporary jazz club or maybe a speakeasy. Beyond the tables, bright daylight streamed into the lounge from a passage between the front diner area and the bar. No creepy Twilight Zone feeling here, he thought.

Two muted, flat screen TVs hung on either side of the wood shelves stocked with bottles of all sizes. He eyed the taps and sports coverage while surveying the place. Though there were no windows in the back area, yet it didn’t feel claustrophobic. Between the lighting, mirrors and glass, there was elegance to the place that radiated a different type of light. Poster-sized black and white pictures hung on the walls, showing the history of the place. Greg guessed they were from the 1940’s. Smaller pictures of patrons and notable artifacts related to “Our Place” dotted the walls. Greg knew from his early research that Our Place was the name of the restaurant until a few years earlier.

Greg settled in, still getting a sense of the place, when a woman with graying dark hair approached him. Though he talked with Lois on the phone, this was the first time he saw her. She was not remarkably tall, but definitely commanded the bar and carried herself in a way that betrayed her real age. She had a look of knowing, or maybe it was just cheer that she had a customer on a dead afternoon.



An Interview with the author:

  1. How long have you been writing?

Well, if you want to get technical and define writing as producing for others to read, then I’ve been writing since I was 10. When I the writer bug bit I began writing series stories personalized for friends as a one-page installments delivered before class started.

It wasn’t until 2009 that my writing really began to come to the forefront. I used my passion for racing and took a leap from teaching to motorsports reporting and photography. It was a highly unlikely move for a high school English teacher in Los Angeles to become a national motorsports reporter who traveled the country covering various tracks, but by the end of 2009, I was in the pits and covering the red carpet for Jimmie Johnson’s 4th Sprint Cup title.

Flash forward to the fall of 2013. It was a life changing point in time. I hadn’t thought about fiction writing in decades, and an idea I could resist sprang to life. Mere weeks after I dedicated myself to the task, my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer. His passing strengthened my resolve to do what I had wanted to do since I was 10. I began copywriting for major internet businesses, and it led to ghosting for international clients. I submitted a story to a flash fiction magazine where it was accepted, and I was asked to be a regular contributor. I was awarded book contract for another passion of mine, wine, and set out to complete that task as well. I have been going full-throttle with my writing since then.

  1. How long have you been a published author?

As far as writing for publication and pay goes, I did my first book, Success Skills for Middle & High School Students (2001, Word Association) as part of a teaching position. Years later, I contributed a chapter to Conscious Entrepreneurs (2008, Love Your Life Publishing), but the true regular publishing started with my motorsports reporting in 2009. I’ve been going like gangbusters with book publications across several genres since early 2014.

3. What titles do you have available?

Currently, Triangulating Bliss and the companion guide, The Backdoor to Bliss, are available as eBook pre-sale on Amazon, with a full release in eBook and paperback on September 28th. Triangulating Bliss will also be available through major retailers and most bookstores then.

My fictional debut, Flash 40: Life’s Moments is a collection of flash fiction stories that celebrate the beginnings, middles, and endings in life as well as exploring what lies beyond. It is available through Amazon in eBook and paperback.

Wine for Beginners (For Beginners Publishing, 2015) is available on Amazon and B&N.

4. What made you choose the subject of this book?

Triangulating Bliss is a story about second chances and learning what really matters in life. It explores the notion that there is more to this crazy thing called life than we can see with our own eyes and often the only things stopping us from what we hope and wish for are how we view ourselves, our experiences, and our beliefs in our abilities.

Triangulating Bliss has been a life-changing journey from the moment the lightbulb went off with the story idea. In 2013, I was struggling with reorganizing my life and was at a loss for how to get my proverbial poop in a group. As I was leaving a restaurant with my childhood friend, the idea of being able to walk through a door and into the life you were meant to be living popped in my head. I couldn’t let it go and ran with it. Of course, the characters had other things in mind when it came to actually telling the tale, but the two years that it took to get my “Bliss Baby” out into the world were redefining and in hindsight mirrored my own journey to find what bliss is to me going forward. It was only in the countless rounds of editing that I realized that many of my own challenges and struggles were worked through and addressed by the characters in the book. As more people have read Triangulating Bliss, I have also come to see that there are many people of all ages in the middle of finding and following their bliss to achieve a better life.

  1. How does Triangulating Bliss fit as part of the Mystique of Living Series?

Originally, Triangulating Bliss was going to be a one-off, standalone book. It was story that had to be told, and I figured that would be it. As beta readers finished the early drafts, they began to ask about the other characters and wanted more. Then, I got interested in the background and purpose of the “guardian of the Bliss Triangle” in the form of the man with dark hair, blue eyes and a strong jaw. That’s when I realized there was more to tell.

Ultimately, we are all searching for Bliss, in the form of what makes us happy. That’s where the title and premise of Triangulating Bliss rests. While it is customary to refer to a collection of books around a similar topic as a series, the Mystique of Living Series is not truly linear. The follow-up book, Triangulating Self is what I like to refer to as a tandem rather than a sequel or prequel. There are insights into both what happened before and during Triangulating Bliss, but it is also a story all unto itself.

To truly find and follow your bliss, there are several things that a person has to master: knowing yourself, wisdom, love, and abundance among them. That’s how the series took shape. Bliss is both at the core and is also the end goal, but wisdom, love and abundance are the tools to get there. As a result, each character’s story folds back into Bliss while being its own unique journey.

6. What is the Bliss Challenge all about?

 Over the course of time it took to get Triangulating Bliss out into the world, it grew into something more. I fell in love with the character of Lois. She’s the type of woman I hope to be as I grow older. One thing that she says in the novel stuck with me. She talks about how she never really believed in fairy tales but always liked the idea of a Fairy Godmother helping others and granting wishes.

That struck a chord with me, and I have always tried to assist causes that I believe in through any of my work. As a result, I created the Bliss Challenge in honor of Lois’s character. The goal of the Bliss Challenge is to fund the wishes of children facing medical challenges. 10% of the proceeds from the novel and 100% of the proceeds from the companion guide will go to the Bliss Challenge. It was made even more poignant with the loss of my dad as I completed the initial draft of the novel and the unexpected passing of my disabled sister only months later.

7.Do you have any new titles coming soon?

The very next project after Triangulating Bliss and the companion guide, The Backdoor to Bliss, is a slight deviation. Wing Dog: Soul Pup is what I like to call a Magical Mutt Memoir highlighting a special relationship with a guardian angel in a fur suit. If you like The Art of Racing in the Rain, Marley & Me, and A Dog’s Purpose, it is a must read that will be released in spring of 2016.

The next installment of the Mystique of Living Series, Triangulating Self, which is Phil’s story, is due out in summer 2016. The two-part third installment in the series, Triangulating Wisdom, features Mikel’s and Dee’s stories and will be out in late 2016.

8. What is your favourite genre and why?

I read just about anything and everything (though I have to admit that I am tired of the whole vampire, werewolf, and zombie craze). Personally, I gravitate towards books that mix or cross genres – which mimic my own writing, I suppose. Pieces that include elements of the paranormal, supernatural, and Magical Realism always catch my eye, but I have to admit that my favorite curl-up-in-bed-with-a-book genre is romance in its various forms. Life can be crazy and a little H.E.A. at the end of the day tends to make things better.

9. What, to you, is the most exciting part of the writing process?

Hands down, without a doubt, my favorite part of the writing process is when the characters take over and begin to tell their stories for themselves. I have a general idea of where the plot is going and what I am writing for the day when I sit down to draft, but sometimes I get to go on a fun and surprising ride as well. It’s exciting to see how the stories and characters develop, and I am pleasantly shocked when the characters add twists and turns that somehow all come together to make the story even more powerful that I had originally foreseen.

One of the last things my dad said to me about writing in general was after I told him about such a situation, where the characters went on a date and did something I hadn’t planned at all. He said “Those are the best stories…the ones where characters take charge of their own lives and tell their own tales are the ones that work the best.” I have to say that I agree.

10. If you could co-author a book with anyone, who would you choose and why?

That’s a good question. I guess it would depend on the genre that I was writing. If it was memoir or travel related, I’d probably say Elizabeth Gilbert. For romance, it would likely be Ava Miles, Julianne MacLean, or Marie Force. In my niche of Magical Realism and visionary fiction, I’d have to say Paul Coelho.



AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Janelle Jalbert has ghostwritten 15 nonfiction books on topics ranging from productivity, money management, marketing, cooking, and relationships. She also worked as a copywriter for some of the biggest online names and worked as a motorsports reporter covering NASCAR. Jalbert enjoys bringing stories to life that celebrate the magic in everyday living. To learn more about her current and upcoming releases and promotions visit Jalbert currently lives in Southern California, though she regularly returns to her second home in North Carolina when her pack of pups grants her a vacation.

Additional Information:

Those readers who purchase the book by 9/30 will receive be able to buy Triangulating Bliss for $0.99 (which will be the lowest price offered…ever), and they can receive the ebook Companion Guide to Triangulating Bliss for free by clicking on the presale promotion link.  Starting 10/1 the Companion Guide will be available for $1.99 ebook and $6.99 paperback.

The “Bliss Challenge” is an effort to take the spirit of the novel’s beloved character, Lois, and help make wishes come true. Ten percent of the proceeds from Triangulating Bliss and 100% of the proceeds from the novel’s companion guide, The Backdoor to Bliss, will be given to a Make-A-Wish program voted on by readers. Selections are based on reader votes for their favorite characters: Los Angeles for Greg, Henri, and Mikel; Chicago for Lois; Charlotte for Jen; and New York for Richard. The goal is to grant at least one wish for a child in the winning city based on funds raised from the novel and guide. Voting and challenge updates can be found at



Author Website:

Goodreads Author Page:

Amazon Author Page:

BN Author Page:

Author’s Extras!:


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Happy 2nd Anniversay

2 years since I started this blog. My how time flies when having this much fun! Here’s to many more years!


Happy Anniversary with!
You registered on 2 years ago!
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!

A Reaper of Stone by Mark Gelineau and Joe King

SBB_TourBanner_AReaperOfStone copy


by Mark Gelineau and Joe King


GENRE: Fantasy

NOTE: This book is FREE on Amazon for 5 days beginning the date of the book blast.


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// A Lady is dead. Her noble line ended. And the King’s Reaper has come to reclaim her land and her home. In the marches of Aedaron, only one thing is for certain. All keeps of the old world must fall. Elinor struggles to find her place in the new world. She once dreamed of great things. Of becoming a hero in the ways of the old world. But now she is a Reaper. And her duty is clear. Destroy the old. Herald the new.




Excerpt: The girl stared directly into Elinor’s eyes. There was no hysteria, and no more tears. Just sadness matched with a hard, cold determination. “For the murder.” At the word, Elinor felt a cold inside her that had nothing to do with the chilling rain. “They were attacked by bandits.” “They were not killed by mere bandits,” she hissed. “My father was a tempered razor of the Aegis School. He was a match for a dozen armed men. Perhaps more. That is no exaggeration.” She stared into Elinor’s eyes with a fierce intensity. “The death of my father and Lady Lliane was no accident. It was an assassination.” “Stop,” Elinor commanded. She looked around to be sure there were none of Piersym’s razors nearby. Two were outside, but on the far side of the tower. Elinor assumed that over the rain, they wouldn’t have heard what the girl said. “You don’t believe me?” Tae asked, the hurt clear in her eyes. Elinor moved close, until they were almost nose to nose. Her voice was quiet, but carried a sharp edge of intensity. “It is not about belief,” Elinor said, holding the girl with her gaze. “You must be careful what you say. Some things once said, cannot be unsaid.” Tae looked confused and Elinor continued on. “If you make an accusation, you turn your home into a den of wolves.” She shifted her eyes in the direction of the Hearthfire razors on the far end of the parapet. “And these wolves will not allow you to escape if they believe you threaten them.” The girl frowned, but shook her head defiantly. “But you said it yourself. You fought every day for what you believed in. How is this any different than the rendworms?” “Because this is not a fight you can win, Tae,” Elinor said.  


  AUTHOR Bio and Links: Mark and Joe have been writing and telling stories together for the last 25 years. They share a love for the classic fantasy tales of their childhood. Their Echoes of the Ascended series brings those old epic characters and worlds to new life.   Website: Facebook: Twitter: @gelineauandking.   Buy link:   For our latest releases, join our mailing list: Amazon author page: Mark – Joe –



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Mind Over Bullies by D.K. Smith


Mind Over Bullies: A MOB Forms
by D. K. Smith


GENRE: YA, Mystery, Hero



Margo is pretty, popular and unsympathetic to just how intense bullying can get. As a counterfeiting plot sweeps through the city of Oak View, life for Margo will change dramatically.

With a mystery unfolding, an unlikely group of heroes emerges. Bullied teens love them, the police hate them and bullies fear them. Together they will try to get to the bottom of the counterfeiting mystery while ingeniously teaching a few bullies a lesson or two along the way… that is, if the police don’t catch them first.




The hallway was dark and the walls were lined with a material that felt like velvet. As she walked down the hallways, Margo could hear snippets of several conversations. She paid close attention to her route so she would know how to get back. She encountered the two men who had gone behind the curtain earlier. They stared at her with equal parts suspicion and flirtation as they passed. Margo kept calm and stared straight ahead as if she knew where she was going. She made a turn down a path at the end of the hall, hoping that it didn’t lead to a dead end.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

A native of Los Angeles, D.K. Smith began his writing career after getting news that he would soon become an uncle. Wanting to create stories and characters for his expected niece, he created the children’s book series “Sock n Boots Adventures.” The two characters (three year old Sock and five year old Boots) began to make names for themselves, generating downloads in countries around the world. From there, the love of storytelling blossomed into novels across multiple genres.

I’ve been asked many times how I came up with the concept for Mind Over Bullies. Well, I am a big fan of superhero type stories, especially movies. But of course, the bullying epidemic is real and in a horrifying way. For example, when doing research for the book I came across a story in the news about a young girl that jumped in front of a subway train after weeks of bullying. As I investigated further, I was shocked at the number of similar stories I encountered. Bullycide, the news was calling it. I thought, wow, what if these young people had been shown that the pain of bullying can be handled without hurting themselves or someone else.

So, the challenge became how to take such a terrible, real life experience like bullying, and merge it with my superhero gene. I wanted to make a story that was not only realistic so that victims of bullying could identify with it, but also one that had the superhero element that would make people stand up and cheer. Seeing people rave about a movie after it’s over and even having intense feelings about a well-developed movie myself has always left me with a desire to tell stories and take people on mental journeys. I knew I would never have a career in film, so writing was the next best thing for me, and I went about writing Mind Over Bullies like a director creating a film. I wanted to create highs and lows to take the readers through a range of emotions. I crafted some portions to help readers feel for the characters and other scenes that create the moment of triumph for the underdog, the kind of scene that makes a movie audience applaud.

I wanted to have a multi-racial cast of characters with a wide variety of personalities in the hope that readers would connect with one of them. It was important to me that the main character be a strong teen female, being that teen girls make up the largest population of bullying victims per most reports. My goal was to let young women, and young men, see a teen battle bullying head-on and gain strength in the process as opposed to the more prevalent alternatives of victims hurting themselves or others.
I recognize that the characters and situations in the book may not represent every bullying situation and that realistically the book won’t change the world, but I do sincerely hope that it sends a subtle message about there being life after bullying.

@A_MOB_Forms: Is media coverage of bullying counterproductive? Hear what author D.K. Smith says on the subject

Kindle purchase link.

Book previews: (English) Preview (Spanish)

Review from respected review service Kirkus Reviews:
Links to reviews on Amazon and Goodreads:


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Entropy by Robert Raker


by Robert Baker



GENRE: Crime Drama



When a series of child abductions and murders disrupt the life of an economically blighted community, the consequences have far-reaching implications. The brutal crimes take a different toll on a disparate group of individuals; the scuba diver who retrieves the children’s bodies; the disfigured cellist who thinks he knows who’s responsible; the undercover federal agent; and the mother of one of the victim’s. United in a situation not of their choosing, they are forced to take a deep, introspective look into their intersected, yet isolated lives.




The Model

How did we get here?

We were once such a happy family but now I am left alone with only my memories as a comfort to the love we once shared and the child we had borne.


Robert Raker_AuthorPhoto

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Robert Raker graduated with a degree in Journalism from the University of Pittsburgh. He currently resides in Philadelphia where he enjoys art, music, literature and live theater. He is currently working on his next novel.

Twitter: @RobertRaker1



Please link to Publisher Twitter: @wattlepub

Publisher Facebook:

Publisher website:


Buy Links:

Kindle Edition:





Paperback Edition:





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Solace by Gini Rifkin


by Gini Rifkin



Solace Goodeve, one of Mother Nature’s favorite Fae Warriors, is assigned to Earth to help save the planet. Reptile invaders, disguising themselves as humans, are waging a takeover—and Mother is mad enough to eat asteroids. Solace is ready to prove herself as a warrior, but having a human for a partner is not in her battle plan—even if the man is rugged, ripped, and ready for action.

Army Ranger, Tanner Jackson, has seen his share of black op missions. The last one took a toll on both body and soul. Tanner isn’t looking for love, even though his new partner is six-foot-tall and drop dead gorgeous. However, after Solace shows him a new meaning to working undercover, he may have to reconsider that possibility.

As the Reps plan to sabotage NOAA, Tanner and Solace must learn to trust one another. But as they’re trying to save the world, Solace and Tanner might just lose their hearts—and that takes the most courage of all.




Angry voices filtered over to her. She couldn’t understand what they were saying, but it sounded like they were arguing amongst themselves. Snatching the bag from her head, she blinked and took stock of her surroundings. Two Reps looked ready to go for one another’s throats. The third sat in a nearby chair, holding his thigh, groaning in pain. Studying her surroundings in more detail, she discovered they’d brought her to an abandoned warehouse. An image of “Mr. White” flashed through her mind. What was it with these guys and warehouses? At least this one appeared cleaner, and other than a few small odds and ends, nearly empty—except for the huge steel cage they’d locked her in.


Author Interview:

Thank you for inviting me to your blog today.

1. How long have you been writing?
Seems like forever, seriously. Can’t remember a time when I didn’t scribble poems or prose on paper.

2. How long have you been a published author?
My first book, The Dragon and The Rose, came out in 2009

3. What titles do you have available?
The Dragon and The Rose, Lady Gallant, Iron Heart, Special Delivery, A Cowboy’s Fate, Victorian
Dream, Solace.

4. What made you choose the subject of this book?
It all started with my fascination over a statue of a faerie dressed in armor carrying a spear as she rides a unicorn, a snow leopard at her feet. Then the fascination morphed into the what if concept of six foot tall gorgeous Fae Warriors assigned to help Mother Nature. The idea simmered a while, hit boiling point, and had to be written down.

5. Do you have any new titles coming soon?
Solace is my new release, a sexy sci/fi/fantasy, and Bliss, the second book in the trilogy, will hopefully be out next year.

6. What is your favorite genre and why?
I like adventurous romance, regardless of time period. Also like suspense and a good mystery.

7. What, to you, is the most exciting part of the writing process?
Being surprised as the story and characters takes you down avenues you didn’t see coming.

8. If you could co-author a book with anyone, who would you choose and why?
Because I love the TV show Bones, I’d have to say Kathy Reichs. But J.D. Robb is also a favorite. I’m rereading the entire “In Death” serious. What a monumental achievement. She is the master of amazing one-liners.

Thank you for being my guest today and answering these questions.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Gini Rifkin writes adventurous romance, past, present, and into the future. Her current book Solace, number seven for The Wild Rose Press, is a sexy sci/fi/fantasy romance. When not reading or writing, she has the privilege of caring for a menagerie of abandoned animals including ducks, geese, rabbits, goats, donkeys, and cats. She was born and raised in Illinois, became a registered nurse by age 19, and when struck by wanderlust, moved to Colorado where she met her husband Gary. They shared the journey for 30 years, spending vacations doing Mountain Man reenacting. Although Gary has passed on, a little bit of him lives on in every hero she writes. Her writing keeps her hungry to keep learning new things, and she considers family and friends her most treasured of gifts.


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