Jewell by Tina DeSalvo



by Tina De Salvo


GENRE:  Contemporary Romance



Once invited into New Orleans’ historic mansions to evaluate prized antiques, Dr. Jewell Duet held a coveted professorship at a top university. With her deep knowledge of Louisiana history and antiquities, she was the go-to person for anyone requiring professional appraisals. But, one hasty decision cost her both her reputation and possibly her freedom. Now, as she waits to discover if her future includes prison, Jewell knows that taking the job at Sugar Mill is necessary if she is to support her beloved grandmother who has advanced dementia.

Charming, sexy lawyer Beau Bienvenu’s attraction to the intriguing historian vies with his distrust of her motives. Beau has one simple goal when it comes to the family that rescued him and made him part of their clan…protect them at all costs. He doesn’t trust Jewell, nor her reason for taking the lowly job at Sugar Mill Plantation. What is she really up to? Is it possible Jewell and her quirky grandmother are there to try to profit from a Bienvenu family mystery? If so, both women are out of luck.

Jewell and Beau are at odds about almost everything. The only things they agree on are that family is everything…and that their mutual attraction is inconvenient.

Hope, Love and Second Chances Continue in the heart of Cajun Country




Jewell hesitated pressing the doorbell. She was still studying the one-hundred-forty-five-year-old hand-forged nailheads in the doorframe. She thought of the slaves or free men of color who would have forged these nails right here on the plantation. They probably would’ve worked near the bayou, needing a water source.

Jewell squatted and pressed her hand to the gray wooden planks beneath her feet. It felt thick with years of paint buildup but she could tell by the length of the planks and the way they were laid that the wood was cypress. “Mimi, can you imagine how tall the cypress tree must’ve been that formed these boards? It must’ve been from one of the ancient cypresses that were as tall and wide as the sequoias in Yellowstone National Park.”

“Huh,” Mimi grunted as she expertly applied her lipstick. When she finished, she pressed the doorbell, which didn’t ding but sounded more like heavy wind chimes.

Jewell stood, touched her nervous stomach, then dropped her hands at her sides. “Remember, we don’t have the job, yet.”

“Then you better be on your best behavior and stop that excited breathing. You sound like you’re having sex with an athletic man.”

“Mimi!” Jewell felt her face blush. Her grand-mère had never spoken of sex with her until the dementia advanced.

“Oh, don’t be so virtuous.” The door opened, but Mimi continued. “Sex is good and fun. Don’t you know that? Haven’t you had it before?”

Jewell placed a finger to her own lips and made a shhh sound to her grand-mère. Mimi placed her index finger on her freshly painted red lips looking innocent and childlike. She wanted to hug her precious, precocious grand-mère, but turned toward the opened door instead.

“Shame. Now, everybody’s stopped talking just when the conversation was getting interesting,” the man who answered the door said. Jewell dropped her hands to her side, blushing again.



AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Tina DeSalvo enjoys using her imagination, humor, empathy and personal experiences to turn characters and situations into books that she hopes will entertain readers. Her first book, Elli, brought her in close contact with so many readers with whom she has loved sharing stories, laughs, tears and hugs. Tina has always been inspired by the people she meets and by hearing their personal journeys, not to mention the people she just observes along the way…so, watch out. You could be a character in her next book!

Tina is married to her handsome Cajun hero, and they live in Louisiana. They have two sons, a wonderful daughter (in-law) and four delightful grandchildren.

If you’d like to know more about Tina DeSalvo, including info on her newest work, latest contests, where she’s speaking or having a book signing, where she gets her ideas, or to see her photos from when she meets her cherished readers…please visit her website at







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