New Siqdor by Stephen J. Carter

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New Siqdor

by Stephen J. Carter


GENRE:  Sci-fi



The environmental stilling on the planet of Nebura escalates, threatening to advance even beyond the world-girding storm ring. Meanwhile, Levrok’s plan to arm a resurgent Siqdori Empire with a tulvar arsenal nears completion, and his departure off-world is imminent. Two survivors’ groups join forces as events spiral out of control.

“NEW SIQDOR” is the 2nd book in the “Zero Point Light” SF series, and delivers a thrill ride of untold mayhem, hair-raising escapes, space colonization gone awry, and a descent to the ocean floor and beyond!


Moonlit river
A still night river scenery. Full moon reflects on calm water, and the fog is flowing in the chilled night air.


 Mick was looking up into the chamber’s night sky. “This feels like more than a holofield.”

Franklin’s gaze rested on the horizon. “Holofield technology manipulates light in empty space. That couldn’t create this level of detail, and depth.”

“But what else could it be?” Seamus asked.

Turok stepped forward towards a nearby embankment. His feet rose a couple feet and then floated down, landing softly on a lunar outcropping.

“A holofield with degrav?” Mick said, incredulous.

Thomas shook his head. “We’re inside a building six miles below the ocean’s surface. It has to be an illusion.”

Turok pushed off and landed some distance away on a further embankment. He called back, “This lower gravity is no illusion.”

Carmen stepped forward, bent quickly at the knees and launched herself in Turok’s direction.

Mick turned to Franklin. “What do you think?”

Franklin continued looking at the horizon. “I suspect it’s a form of molecular manipulation.”

Thomas exhaled loudly. “Just answer this, Franklin. Is this environment really here?”

“Yes, and no,” Franklin replied. “Yes because if you alter a molecular field, you alter the matter that field constitutes. And no – because the space and time this building occupies makes this terrain impossible.”

“Well, what is it then?” Mick asked, smiling. He enjoyed Franklin’s often-outrageous speculations.

Franklin shrugged. “A pocket in space-time, Mick – an empty pocket, which the Watyrans somehow programmed with this lunar surface.”

“But we’re not really on the moon!” Thomas protested.

“No, of course we aren’t,” Franklin agreed. “But, technically, we’re not in Watyra either.”

Mick laughed. “That clears up that little mystery!”

He took several springing steps. He glanced back and waved, and then took a series of progressively longer leaps, moving off towards Turok and Carmen who were visible a mile or so away.

Franklin walked slowly up the nearby embankment that Mick had stood on moments earlier. He sat cross-legged at its highest point, looking on as the others fell in beside Thomas, who was walking slowly along the embankment’s ridge in the opposite direction that Mick had taken. Franklin returned his attention to the virtual horizon. The brightness of the stars overhead made them seem unnaturally clear and close. He turned and let his eyes follow the horizon on all sides. He idly wondered whether the others, if they kept walking, would circumnavigate this moon. He assumed so. It gave him an idea.



AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Stephen J Carter is a Canadian writer living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He completed a PhD in Social and Political Thought at York University in Toronto in 1997. This led to an 8-year period of teaching at universities in South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. In 2006 he settled in northern Thailand, and began writing fiction full-time in 2007.

In his early years he made several short-term forays into film and video production while involved full-time in academia. Along the way he tried his hand at writing non-fiction in and out of academia, and 8 years ago finally committed full-time to writing fiction.

For Stephen there is something about this northern Thai city that makes it a perfect place to write. His preferred genres to date have been horror and science fiction. On the one hand, he sets his horror novels in Thailand because Thais have such vivid customs that touch the supernatural. On the other hand, disheartened by the cultural Marxism that dominates social discourse now in the West, he feels drawn to writing science fiction for the rational optimism over possible futures it affords. Approaching SF formerly as pure escapism, he finds in it now a source of hope and forward thinking that can be very inspiring.

Stephen looks forward to writing several more novels in his two current series, Zero Point Light and Z Inferno.



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