A Kiss in the Shadows by Eve Kincaid and Lily Danes

A Kiss in the Shadows by Eve Kincaid and Lily Danes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GENRE: Contemporary Romantic Suspense ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BLURB: Erin Grady is used to taking care of people. That’s why she’s thrilled to finally realize her dream of opening a clinic…and why she’s willing to overlook where the money came from—until a determined prosecutor comes sniffing … Continue reading A Kiss in the Shadows by Eve Kincaid and Lily Danes

Hunters of the Dream by Ingrid Koivukangas

Hunters of the Dream by Ingrid Koivukangas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GENRE: YA Fantasy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BLURB: When the summer holidays begin, Aurora thinks she’s just a normal teenager about to have another boring summer. Then, for her seventeenth birthday, Nana Brin gives her a long-silent Oracle that has been passed down through their family for generations. The mysterious … Continue reading Hunters of the Dream by Ingrid Koivukangas

His Master’s Bride by Claudia Herring

His Master’s Bride by Claudia Herring ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GENRE: Fantasy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TAGLINE: A world of mysterious powers and tumultuous intrigues comes to life in Regency England as a djinni, burdened with a dark secret, is thrown into a love triangle fraught with subterfuge. BLURB: A troubled djinni seduces his master’s young wife, forcing her to make … Continue reading His Master’s Bride by Claudia Herring

Jessie’s Girl by Lindy Zart

  The road trip from Minnesota to Pennsylvania and back is meant to be the final adventure before four friends go their separate ways in the fall. Except nothing goes as intended, beginning with the unexpected addition of Catherine Tate, Jessie Keller’s new girlfriend. Sam Kent denies his attraction to her while simultaneously deflecting unusual … Continue reading Jessie’s Girl by Lindy Zart

Escape From the Past: The Kid (Book 2) by Annette Oppenlander

Escape from the Past: The Kid by Annette Oppenlander ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GENRE:   YA historical/sci-fi ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BLURB:  Time-traveling gamer, Max, embarks on a harrowing journey through the Wild West of 1881! After a huge fight with his parents, Max tries to return to his love and his best friend, Bero, in medieval Germany. Instead he lands in … Continue reading Escape From the Past: The Kid (Book 2) by Annette Oppenlander

Nobody’s Princess by Sarah Hegger

Nobody’s Princess by Sarah Hegger ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GENRE: Contemporary Romance ~~~~~~~~~~~~~   BLURB:  Tiffany Desjardins has a plan. Well, she had a plan, until her past and all its complications came back to haunt her. Her not-quite-ex-husband, Luke, is missing, and suddenly everyone needs to find him--including Tiffany, if she wants to marry the true man … Continue reading Nobody’s Princess by Sarah Hegger

Silver’s Captive by Lee-Ann Wallace

Silver’s Captive by Lee-Ann Wallace ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GENRE:  Erotic Sci-Fi Romance ~~~~~~~~~~~~ BLURB: Determined to finish her studies and restart the search for her missing parents, Tarnee’s life is thrown into chaos when she is kidnapped by a silver eyed stranger. Held captive by the captain of a pirate ship, Tarnee finds herself drawn to him … Continue reading Silver’s Captive by Lee-Ann Wallace

Improving Literacy starts at Home

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Hello everyone! I hope all is well with you! I’m back today and I’m talking about literacy in the United States. Did you know one in seven adults would find it difficult to read anything more challenging than a picture book? This is scary.

I find this quite alarming. How can these adults teach their children about the joy of reading, if they can’t read themselves? I’m sure you know where I’m going with this. Parents who can’t read are limited to what they can teach their children. In my opinion, reading is one of the most important skills we can pass on to our kids.

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What’s going to happen to our country if we raise a generation of illiterate adults? What happens when all they can do is read text messages? The ability to…

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