Sky Garden by Jenny Schwartz

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Sky Garden
by Jenny Schwartz


GENRE: Romantic Suspense


“Sky Garden” will be $0.99 during this tour.


On the rooftops of London, you can be anyone.

A year ago, Lanie Briers escaped a serial killer. She grew up in a theatre family and her act was mediumship, but not anymore. Life, now, is a hidden retreat above a quirky Bloomsbury museum, where she waits and watches.

Nick Tawes is an unexpected intrusion. He’s a landscape architect filming a television series on roof gardens, and he intends to build one in Lanie’s aerial territory. He has his own demons, old family troubles, that lure Lanie out of her refuge and into living again.

But as summer progresses and the sky garden grows, Lanie’s enemy is closing in–because some secrets must go to the grave.




Stories fed identity—and changed it.

Lanie had used stories to shock and survive. She’d used them carefully, crafting her old stage act of mediumship to draw out people’s stories and reflect them, eliciting gasps of awe at her insight. Magic, went the murmur. But it wasn’t magic. They were the same tricks conmen used.

And she’d used those tricks brutally, as the one weapon left to her. Survival had cost her the joy of performing.

But that was the past. She forced the memories away. Here was safe harbor, the library that was a sea captain’s final berth. A fantasy, but a comforting one.
She was searching for a spy glass to add to the photos she’d take when the electronic beep from the front door signaled the entrance of a visitor.


A tug at her jacket and a pat to her hair—Good, the chignon doesn’t wobble—and she was ready to perform.


Interview with the Author:

1. How long have you been writing?

All my life. I’m an avid reader, and pretty much since I learned to read and write, I’ve also been writing.
2. How long have you been a published author?

I’ve had short stories and poetry published since 2002. My first novel, The Walk-Alones, was published in 2006 with a gorgeous cover that still thrills me.
3. What titles do you have available?

A surprising number when I start adding them up! Quite a few are novellas. I’ll hit some of the highlights:

London thriller – Sky Garden
Steampunk – The Icarus Plot and Wanted: One Scoundrel
Contemporary Romance – Texas Kisses Collection
Paranormal Romance – The Collegium series. The latest, Dragon Knight, is out Feb 27.
4. What made you choose the subject of this book?

I wanted to write a thriller with a touch of other worldliness. Sky Garden isn’t a paranormal romance, although its heroine, Lanie Briers, is an ex-medium. The idea of the book grew from wanting to explore the romance of a hidden world, the rooftops of London, and the theme of belonging. We all need somewhere where we feel safe, valued…loved.
5. Do you have any new titles coming soon?

I may have mentioned Dragon Knight! I’m very excited about its release since I’ve been wanting to tell its hero’s story for ages. Lewis Bennett is a special guy. Here’s the blurb:

Dragon knight Gina Sidhe serves Earth’s only resident dragon, and she’s been issued with a quest. She must return with Lewis Bennett, President of The Collegium (the world’s magical order of peacekeepers), so that he may learn the Deeper Path of Magic from the dragon. A path that has been denied to Gina, and one she desperately wants.

But Lewis isn’t interested. He knows his magic has gone, burned out amid a terrible tragedy. Which makes his current task all the harder. He must restructure and repurpose The Collegium in the wake of a shocking and sly demon attack. He doesn’t have time for Gina’s quest, until she offers him the one thing he can’t have: a hidden route out of his Collegium life.

Because Lewis has his own quest, one secret and lethal, to save the world from a threat no one else believes in.
6. What is your favourite genre and why?
You’ve probably guessed that I have trouble picking a favourite genre. I love romance in all its subgenres, as well as mysteries, science fiction and fantasy, and historical non-fiction. I think that if I’m forced to pick one genre, I’ll vote for paranormal romance. I’ve recently found Anne Bishop’s The Others series and I’m hooked! Ilona Andrews is an auto-buy.
7. What, to you, is the most exciting part of the writing process?

The first draft! I love sitting down and discovering even more about the characters, watching them fight and kick and love, and grow. The first draft is raw storytelling and it’s compelling.
8. If you could co-author a book with anyone, who would you choose and why?

My critique partner! Eliza Redgold is awesome. We have the best catch-ups. We meet at a gorgeous beach café and set the publishing world to rights. I think we might worry some of the other diners by how much we laugh. Everyone needs a friend and CP like Elizabeth.
9. Where can readers find you on the web?



Thank you so much for having me here and letting me chat. It’s been great!



AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Bio: Jenny Schwartz is a hopeful romantic with a degree in Sociology and History — people watching and digging into the past. She lives in Western Australia and is working towards her dream of living by the sea. Jenny writes romantic suspense, as well as contemporary and paranormal romance.




Amazon buy-link for “Sky Garden”:

“Sky Garden” will be $0.99 during this tour.


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