Nighthawks by Jeremy Flagg

Nighthawks by Jeremy Flagg  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GENRE: Sci-Fi (Dystopian) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~  BLURB: Twenty-six-year-old painter Conthan Cowan takes art to a shocking frontier… His debut exhibit features the transformation of his high school friend, Sarah, as she went from a shy, soft-spoken girl to a Child of Nostradamus—an individual gifted with extraordinary abilities. Living in a society where… Continue reading Nighthawks by Jeremy Flagg


Fortuna by Elaine Cantrell

Fortuna by Elaine Cantrell ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GENRE: Romantic comedy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BLURB: Aimee Sherwood never dreamed that following her fiancé into the witness protection pro-gram would land her in a haunted house in a town that’s downright creepy. She’d have laughed if she had been told the guy who lives down the road might be her soul… Continue reading Fortuna by Elaine Cantrell

The Dawning of Scarlett by Jennifer Osborn

The Dawning of Scarlett by Jennifer Osborn ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GENRE: YA Paranormal ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BLURB: As a pale revenant—the vampire faction believing all life is sacred—sixteen-year-old Scarlett Ellis has learned to hide in the human world. She goes to night-school, works at a coffee shop, and her uncle Chasem trains her in martial arts. No matter what,… Continue reading The Dawning of Scarlett by Jennifer Osborn

The Trouble with Seduction by Victoria Hanlen

The Trouble with Seduction by Victoria Hanlen ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GENRE: Historical Romance ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BLURB: Rebellious, Scandalous and Irredeemable Sarah, Lady Strathford is ready for a little harmless frivolity with a man of her own age and her own appetites…surely that’s not too much to ask! After the death of her beloved husband years before Sarah is… Continue reading The Trouble with Seduction by Victoria Hanlen

Queen of Likes by Hillary Homzie

Queen of Likes by Hillary Homzie ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GENRE: middle grade/tween ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BLURB: Like everyone at Merton Middle School, Karma Cooper’s smartphone is almost another body part. She’s obsessed with her LIKES on Snappypic. When her parents shut down her social media account and take away her smartphone, Karma’s whole world crumbles. She has to figure… Continue reading Queen of Likes by Hillary Homzie

Musings of an Earth Angel by Suzanne Adams

Musings of an Earth Angel by Suzanne Adams ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GENRE: Young Adult/New Adult ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BLURB: 22-year-old Samantha Kingston had the perfect job, perfect boyfriend, and perfect Friday nights. When disaster strikes she loses everything and is propelled into a journey where evil and good, dark and light are battling for her destiny. Will the Demon… Continue reading Musings of an Earth Angel by Suzanne Adams

Fibers by Jennifer-Crystal Johnson

Fiber by Jennifer-Crystal Johnson  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GENRE: Science Fiction ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This book is on sale for just .99 on Amazon. Check it out here: Amazon Fibers Sale BLURB: Anna Reynolds is caught up in the middle of a secret interdimensional government agreement... and she doesn't even know it. There's a medical anomaly loosely dubbed Morgellons disease… Continue reading Fibers by Jennifer-Crystal Johnson