I fell in love with a pair of shoes.

A Must Read

Teagan Hunter | Author

And it’s not in the way you’re thinking.

See, I recently had the absolute pleasure of reading a gripping, emotional, beautiful, and thoroughly stunning novel called Hawthorne & Heathcliff by R.K. Ryals.

GUYS. Go. Buy. This. Seriously. I haven’t read something so moving and so captivating since…well, since I read It Ends With Us earlier this year. (Yes, it’s THAT good.)

It all starts with a pair of shoes. And they aren’t even a fabulous duo. They’re plain, normal, worn, and well-loved. But the person those shoes belong to? That person is the exact opposite. I don’t want to give away anything with this book, but just know I was highlighting like crazy, which is something I NEVER do, and I could not put it down. I mean, I did for a night (because sleep), but then it was all I could think about. How were the shoes doing? Where were they…

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What was, no longer is…..

Thank you for this. I enjoyed reading and hope my readers will like it as well.


CentraliaI finally got here. I’ve read about it (two outstanding books, one by David DeKok and the other by Joan Quigley, along with a stirring little documentary called The Town That Was, co directed by a past Dunmore, PA resident, no less), and it’s been the inspiration for a few songs over the years. A once vibrant mining town of 2000 residents, quite literally wiped off the face of the earth by a combination of epic bad luck, bureaucratic incompetence, and an unwillingness to face the unpleasantness rising from the ground outside the kitchen window. It’s a true American tragedy, and yesterday as we drove in the first thing we noticed was the couple who had set up a hot dog stand on the side of the road. Doing a nice little business, I might add. “2 for $4” is what their homemade sign said. I like that. Sounds a better deal than $2…

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