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My wife and I, along with a couple of dogs, two feral cats, and an ever changing number of deer, live on the side of a dirt road in Oklahoma.

We have a bit of land, and I love the feeling of being able to go outside and holler as loud as I want, and nobody hears me. Wonderful, that.

I won’t hold you up with balderdash. Go ahead and click on my web site tabs; and learn a lot more about me and Wifey.


Other Works From Ted

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Hi there, my name is Ted Atoka and this is my author’s page. I’m a multi genre writer, and my goal is to make reading fun again.

If you’d like to find out how four recent college graduates are recruited by two retired businesswomen to take care of the daily operations of a lifecare retirement facility, I’d recommend you read my Villa Paradiso series.

Book 1, Villa Paradiso, Book 2, Fiammetta’s Dream, Book 3 Fiammetta’s Triumph.

Wide open country aficionados may opt for my contemporary western called Come Sundown. Find out what happens when some city slickers decide to take over a well respected small town business.
If a murder, thriller, mystery is more to your liking; please ready Touch Me Tender, a fast paced story that takes place in Boston, MA and its environs. Tag along with two detectives, Frenchy Thibedeaux and Ray Mariono, and see if you can guess the identity of the killer that’s terrorizing Bean Town’s financial district.

I haven’t forgotten about my friends who prefer science fiction. I’m currently at work on a a science fiction book and hope to have it available soon.

However, please take a minute and peruse all of my titles available on Amazon. There’s some mighty fine reading there for everyone. And just a reminder, you can always visit me at my web site, TedAtoka.com.

I look forward to your reading me, very soon. Thanks for the visit, Ted.


Teds Latest Releases. A bevy of short stories at a very good price. Check them out!



Word travels fast in big city neighborhoods. Some people spend their entire lives within a few city blocks of their birthplace. Although some may try, it’s hard to stay anonymous in an urban setting. News from the Hood is a story about a man who never realized so many of his neighbors liked him.







A retired businesswoman, a widow, decides to treat herself and spend a night in a city hotel. Learn about her stay, and what happens at checkout time.








We hardly ever give much attention to inanimate objects. Attending to life issues, the need just doesn’t seem important. That’s a shame, because some of these objects almost have a life of their own.







All may not be as it appears.This saying is not new. It’s been around for a while. Whoever wrote it was spot on. It’s the basic premise for he short story that follows called, The Radio Announcer.







For years and years man has befriended creatures of all shapes, types, and sizes. This is the story about a very special pet; a chicken…







This short story takes place outdoors, in a big city park. Two lovers are camouflaged behind a large bush when suddenly, something tragic happens…




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