Sweat; Coco Gem Author



by Coco Gem


GENRE:   Erotica/Romance



“The Tryst” tells the story of one woman desperate for the approval of her very dominant partner and the lengths she is willing to go to in order to earn it.

“Me, Her, and Him” suggests that the best way to get over an old man is to get under a new one… especially when his gorgeous wife comes as part of the deal.

From stories of love and passion like “The Elevator” to stories of sheer carnal, insatiable desire like “Bad Girl,” Sweat chronicles the stories of women who take control of their sexuality and go after what satisfies them most—at any cost.




Excerpt from “The Club”

I am a girl who plays it safe.

Every Friday night, I soak in the tub, pour myself a glass of pinot noir, and curl up with a good book or movie. I am usually deep under my covers by midnight at the latest, every single Friday night. This Friday night started off the same as every one before it. Halfway through my soak, I received a text. It was pretty simple. An address, and the words, Come out and play.

At that moment, I decided that, tonight, I would not be the safe girl. I would let caution go down the drain with my bathwater. I could be responsible tomorrow. I climbed out the warm, soapy water, wrapped myself in a towel, and walked into my closet.

Twenty minutes later, I catch my reflection in the rearview mirror… Not bad. My chocolate skin is clear and beautiful, and my hair blows in the nighttime breeze. My lips and nails are a brazen, come-fuck-me red, and they contrast with the simplicity of my outfit—a semi-tight fitting black dress (I am braless, because only good girls wear bras) and black Chucks. My freshly scrubbed body smells like cocoa butter and black soap. I turn the music up louder and sing along with the filthy lyrics, careful not to miss my exit. I reach my destination, find a place to park, feed the meter, and send the text I know he’s waiting for.


Interview with the Author:

  1. How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing since kindergarten. At first, I just enjoyed the noise the typewriter made. Eventually, I developed a respect for the words I was typing. I’ve been exclusively writing for three years. I write mostly short stories and poetry.

2. How long have you been a published author?

Two years ago, I published several short stories on Amazon. This is my first published compilation.

3. What made you choose the subject of this book?

I enjoy writing about the human experience. I tend to focus on more taboo subjects—mental health issues, heartache, disappointment, and, sometimes, sexuality.  This book tells the stories of several women who are exploring different aspects of their sexuality.

4. Do you have any new titles coming soon?

I am working on a collaboration with another I greatly respect.

5. What is your favourite genre and why?

I enjoy historical fiction. I have a vivid imagination and I like to read stories about people who lived at different points in time and in faraway places.

6. What, to you, is the most exciting part of the writing process?
Honestly, as much as I love telling stories and enjoy watching my characters come to life, I hate the writing process. I tend to overthink and second guess everything I write, so the actual writing part is grueling. I like reading over a story I’ve written when it’s already finished.

7. If you could co-author a book with anyone, who would you choose and why?
My favorite author is Wally Lamb, so I would collaborate with him. He weaves deep tales of the human experience and has amazing, dynamic characters. He is definitely an author I look up to a great deal.

8. Where can readers find you on the web?



AUTHOR Bio and Links:

CoCo Gem was born on June 1, 1982, in Washington DC. An only child to older parents, CoCo became an avid reader at a young age, and has always had a love for words. “I didn’t have any siblings, so I found my friends in books,” CoCo says. “It wasn’t long before I’d read every book on my bookshelf and was asking for weekly library visits.” All throughout school, CoCo maintained As in English, and she went on to major in English Arts at Hampton University. She graduated and became a high school English teacher, and, for the next 9 years, shared her love of literature and writing with high school students in Oxon Hill, Maryland.

CoCo is an avid fiction writer who tends to focus on the less explored aspects of humanity, including overwhelming sexuality, the heaviness of human emotion, and the constant battle of consciousness. She has several published short stories available for purchase on Amazon, and she continues to write and publish stories on her personal website, Sweat is CoCo’s first book. Set to release in June, Sweat is a compilation of erotic short stories and poems that explore the sexual limits of her characters and entice readers to be more exploratory in their own sexual practices.

CoCo is currently working as a freelance writer/editor and content developer, helping entrepreneurs to develop the content necessary to build their websites and promote themselves. She is also ghostwriting two novels, and is planning to collaborate with other authors in the future. CoCo has one 14-year-old son and lives in the suburbs of Washington, DC. She sees herself one day landing on the New York Times Bestseller list… if she can ever sit still long enough to write a novel of her own.


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