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Sins Joy

Sins of Sandy Slough

Life is hard in the early 1900s in the bottomlands where the Ohio River overflows its banks, and the sloughs overflow, too. Heavy rains last for days and the water comes roaring in like an out of control freight train, taking anything in its path. The only means of transportation, even to the local store is a row boat. Life is even harder when you’re not only poor, but also a different color and nationality than your friends, neighbors, and some of your own family. Jeka is a child who is shunned and taunted because of her Indian heritage. Rejected at birth by her blood mother and legal father she befriends a girl her age who is also of mixed race. Suetta is the one person who really understands Jeka and they become the best of friends. Together, they help each other through hard times until one day they are forced apart and life gets even tougher for each of them in different ways. Jeka endures abuse at school and at home, with no one to turn to for help. She dreams of someday freeing herself from a life that feels like slavery. Until then, she keeps in mind the lessons she learned from her grandmother who taught her to believe in herself and be proud of who she is. No matter what anyone says. As a young adult haunted by many unanswered questions about her heritage and how she came to be, she goes on a journey to find the truth and ends up finding more than she bargained for.


Wings Joy

Wings and Faith

Mandy’s story continues as she embarks on an adventure to the Sunshine State. She doesn’t know anyone in Florida, has no job, and doesn’t know where she’s going to live. But she takes flight with wings and faith, trusting that everything is going to be okay. After all, she seems to have someone or something guiding her. It wouldn’t steer her wrong, would it? Strange happenings continue as Mandy and the kids adapt to the east coast ocean and beaches they fall in love with. But before long, there’s a pervading sense of danger, and all of the children are at one form of risk or another. The spirits continue to send messages to Mandy, warning her of impending danger, but there’s only one problem. How to decipher their vague and symbolic messages? As a loving mother, Mandy naturally wants to do what’s best for her children, even if it means losing them in the process. How much can a mother endure? Is there ever a time to put her own interests above her children’s? Mandy’s love, patience, endurance, and tolerance are all tested in this gripping final installment of the Wings Trilogy where good and evil are so well disguised, there’s no telling who is who. Especially when the warnings are misunderstood – or ignored.


Give Me Wings

Give Joy

In the first of this three part series, a child named Carnikko is born into dire poverty and raised by an over-zealous religious mother and an alcoholic non-believing father. Life is hard in the backwoods, especially when there’s little to eat and no coal for the stove. Carnikko is taught to believe in the power of prayer, and when that doesn’t seem to be enough to help her with the trials and tribulations she faces, she turns to an invisible companion called Purple Angel. Her young life is incredibly difficult as she constantly deals with hunger, inadequate clothing, ridicule at school, and the constant fear that each time her father leaves for an extended period of time, he might not come back. As bad as things are for the young child, things can always get worse, and unfortunately for her, they do. A tragedy of epic proportions comes crashing down into the center of her life, changing everything, and setting her on a completely different path into the future. The nature of her challenges and difficulties are new and different than those she had become accustomed to, and now a new battle for survival is waged in this incredibly gripping and at times, heart-wrenching tale that has made readers laugh and cry along with little Nikko.


Finding Will Hennie

Finding Joy

Will Hennie starts off as a young boy in an impossibly hopeless situation in rural America in the 1930’s. Deprived of socialization and a normal childhood, he is sent into the world when he is only eight-years-old, unaware of what awaits him. Before long, he finds an unusual home, and an unusual family. He learns what it means to be loved.

One day, Will finds himself homeless again with nowhere to go, and no one to turn to. Then he becomes a member of a family that society strongly frowns upon, but it was here that he was taught to be a man and discovered another type of love.

Wherever he goes and whomever he meets, Will Hennie, with his big pure heart always leaves a lasting impression in the lives of the people he loves and who love him. Against great adversities, a young boy becomes a man, who eventually becomes a household name.


Stolen Lives

Stolen Joy

Ali Monroe’s first ten years are spent with a mother who is an alcoholic and whose income is earned from male visitors to their home.

After tragedy strikes, the moral pendulum in Ali’s home-life swings to the opposite extreme when she’s forced to live with her religious aunt who appears to love her but is unable to let Ali live a regular life due to her beliefs and fear of her father’s wrath.

At the age of 13, Ali becomes involved in a scandal she can never live down, and for which she is severely punished. She becomes a teenage girl in modern times struggling to endure a life that includes dressing in 19th century clothing, restrictions on food and drink, and no social life.

In addition to the challenges she faces in present time, she’s haunted by the mysteries of the past, not knowing who her father was, or why her aunt and grandparents refuse to answer any questions about him.

Ali never knows what’s in store for her from one day to the next as her aunt fluctuates between empathizing with Ali’s desire for a normal life and her own fear of stepping outside the bounds of what her church insists is right and proper, even if it means making a child suffer, all in the name of love and obedience to their version of God.

When Ali is 18, she discovers dark, hidden family secretes. Thus begins her journey that takes her to another world that she isn’t prepared for.


The Dreamer

Dreamer Joy

Julia is nine, and she lives in two very different worlds. One is the real world. The other is the life she lives in her dreams. In her dreams, she and Nana encounter a baby deer that can talk. They discover that the baby deer was born with clubbed hooves and will need an operation if he’s ever going to run and play with the other deer.

The Dreamer is a touching story of a young girl who sometimes has trouble distinguishing between reality and the world of her dreams. In her dreams, she helps Baby Deer learn to believe in himself. It’s a story that will challenge every young person’s concept of reality—and make them wonder if their own dream worlds might be just as real.


Wings and Beyond

Wings and Beyond Joy

Carnikko had lived a long, hard life by the tender age of ten. Then, unexpectedly, she was given a chance at the kind of life she had only dreamed of; a life without the poverty she’d known since birth, a chance to live in a house with her own bed and bedroom, and to wear new clothes and shoes that fit, and three wholesome meals a day. But there was a price that came with all the luxuries, and it threatened the sanctity of who she was, down to her very soul. Carnikko was delighted with the joys of her new life, yet struggled to endure the pain it brought as well. Travel on this miraculous journey of laughter, joy, fears and frustrations, as her youthful years come to an end. Follow her into an entirely new life as an adult, where life throws her a series of curve balls and nothing goes as she had hoped. With a pure heart and help from the spirits who preceded her, she comes to terms with who she really is, and peace fills her soul.


Anna’s Visions

Anna's Joy

Anna Morgan sees visions of impending doom the day her granddaughter Tori is born. Through the years, she experiences more unnerving visions, but she can’t put the pieces together and figure out how to save Tori from the extreme danger she will face.

Tori is an only child coming of age in a small town in Kentucky where no one locks their doors and everyone knows everyone. From her earliest childhood, she has lived a fairytale life along with her best friend, Jill. When she and Jill enter high school, Tori meets Wesley Asner, the love of her life. But when tragedy strikes, Tori and Wesley find their lives torn apart. Broken-hearted and desperate for a change, Tori sneaks off for an adventure and finds far more than she bargained for.


Darkheart of Hampton House

Darkheart Joy

A young girl in the mountain region of North Carolina is repeatedly abused until she ends up pregnant. The abuser cannot risk his wife finding out and plans to kill the baby. The young mother pleads to save her baby’s life and promises to get rid of it, assuring him that no one will ever know.

She goes out early in the morning and anonymously leaves the baby on the porch of a rural orphanage called Hampton House. She thinks she’s done the best thing she can do for her child. He’s alive and will be taken care of.

Thus begins the life of Lance Jackson. Raised with seven other kids and loved by no one. Consumed with feelings of worthlessness and abandonment. The more he is abused by his foster mother, the colder and angrier he becomes inside. At a young age he is told that he has a dark heart.

As a teenager, he is mentored by his boss who introduces him to drugs, alcohol, pornography and racism. He does not learn about love and does not know what love is. His customers teach him about sex and how to please a woman.

At the age of 17, Lance runs away, leaving the orphanage behind. He travels west in search of happiness and a life of his own making, where he can put to use all that he has learned.

This is when the killing begins…




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