Need an editor?

About the Editing Process:

Editing is an imperative part of the writing process. You need to be assured the editor(s) you choose will not change your voice and style but will guide you personally on things necessary to allow your story to flourish.
Geesey Editorial Services never rewrites your story. We mentor you on the importance of punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, proper spelling (be it British English, American English or another), character development, plot development, and much more.

Geesey Editorial Services has also partnered with P. N. Daisley’s Audio Recordings. If you are interested in an audio version of your book, contact us and we will put you in touch with Mr. Daisley. He specializes in American English, British English, and a variety of accents from around the world. He comes highly recommended and has affordable rates.

From Author Ted Atoka

I invest a great deal of time bringing a book to publication, and I expect my editor will give time and attention to what I’ve written as well. A “rush job” is NOT for me.

I use Geesey Editorial Services. The quality of service, attention to detail, and turnaround time is first-rate, all with very affordable rates.  There you have it. Need a good editor who edits for a living? It’s your call…

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