The Bridesmaid’s Checklist by K.T. Castle

The Bridesmaid's Checklist Series by K.T. Castle ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GENRE:   Contemporary Romance ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BLURB:  BCL is a Contemporary New Adult Romance that tells Kassandra's story. Kassie is a single, independent woman that finds herself questioning her lifestyle after all of her best friend get married and settle down. Even if she’s the only unmarried girl in … Continue reading The Bridesmaid’s Checklist by K.T. Castle

Becoming Magic

Becoming Magic by Michelle Garren Flye ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GENRE:   contemporary romance ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BLURB:  Carole Barnes once believed she would make her own way in Hollywood, but those days are long gone, leaving behind only a dark, slimy secret that Carole has never shared with anyone. Now she hides in the bright sunshine of the Crystal Coast … Continue reading Becoming Magic