Gun Kiss by Khaled Talib

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Gun Kiss

by Khaled Talib


GENRE:   Thriller



The United States media is abuzz with news of the mysterious disappearance of Hollywood movie star, Goldie St. Helen.

Ex-Delta Force Blake Deco receives a tip from a Mexican friend that a drug lord, obsessed with the beautiful actress, is holding her captive in Tijuana.

With the help of a reluctant army friend, Blake mounts a daring rescue.

What he doesn’t expect is to have feelings for Goldie—or that a killer is hunting them.


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They continued through an arch that separated the living room and what was once a kitchen. The general pointed at a trapdoor’s opened hatch with stairs leading down. “We go inside,” he pointed below.

“After you, comrade.” Blake gestured him with the gun. “Do you guys still call each other that?”

No response.

They descended into a glowing stalagmite cave and walked past a grotto toward a metal bridge running above a narrow canyon. The temperature felt warmer here.

They reached a storage area with doors on both sides. Blake took a moment to study the few soldiers guarding the area.

“Tell them to drop their weapons and go join the rest upstairs,” Blake said.

Popov gave the order.

When the soldiers had walked past them, the Russian military leader led Blake to a steel door with a fingerprint lock system. He frowned at Blake.

“Do the Open Sesame thing,” Blake said.

Popov pressed his right thumb against the authentication device. The door slid open into a brightly lit chamber and shut after they’d entered.

The temperature-controlled environment had perforated steel walls, a concrete floor, and embedded ceiling lights. The center of the room displayed a series of pedestal casings with various treasures: a red Fabergé egg, a diamond ring, a dagger, and a gold pocket watch. The Deringer rested on a small, purple velvet pillow inside one of the glass cases.


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Interview with the Author:

  1. How long have you been a published author?

I’ve been a published author since 2013 with my first thriller, Smokescreen, a novel about a plot to use a reporter in Singapore as a scapegoat to assassinate the Israeli Prime Minister. My second thriller, Incognito, was published in 2017. It is a story about three specialists assigned to find the Pope who is missing. In the same year, my third novel, Gun Kiss, was also released. A former soldier rescues a movie star from an obsessed drug lord…and that’s when trouble starts.

  1. Do you have any new releases coming soon?

I am in the process of rewriting a manuscript primarily set in South Australia. It’s called Spiral. The story begins at a winery where a dead body is found by a worker.

  1. If you could co-write with another author who would it be?

Clive Cussler. My last novel, Gun Kiss, has been described as similar in style, so if the opportunity comes, I’ll grab it.

  1. Do you listen to music while writing? If yes, what songs are your favorites?

Yes, I do, but not all the time; it depends on the scene. Usually it relates to a fast action scene to get my adrenaline going. I don’t have a favorite because there are so many intense scenes I like to change what I hear. When I wrote Smokescreen, I used to listen to the soundtrack of Nighthawks, a thriller movie starring Sylvester Stallone, Billy Dee Williams and Lindsay Wagner.

  1. What genres do you write in?

I write thrillers with a dash of suspense and mystery. It’s like going on a rollercoaster ride.

  1. If you could write anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Right now? Maybe London. It’s been a while since I’ve been there, and it would be nice to write a thriller set in the city or a town.



AUTHOR Bio and Links:

 Khaled Talib is a former journalist with local and international exposure. He has authored three thrillers since 2014.

The author’s works have been praised by NY Times bestselling author Gayle Lynds, NY Times bestselling author Ruth Harris, USA Today bestselling author Jon Land, NY Times bestselling author Keith Thomson, K.J. Howe, and Jon McGoran.

His debut thriller, Smokescreen, was listed as one of the six “boundary-breaking indies” in 2016 by the IndieReader. His second novel, Incognito, won the Silver Award for the AuthorsDB Book Cover Contest 2017. Gun Kiss is his third novel.

Khaled, who is also a member of the International Thriller Writers, resides in Singapore.

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Khaled Talib will be awarding a Amazon Fire 7 8GB tablet to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. The prize is limited to U.S. and Canada only.

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