The Burn by Kristal Dawn Harris

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Leon, a fallen angel cursed to exist as a vampire, has waited for his mate for centuries when Shana shows up on his dance floor wreaking havoc with the other immortals in his club. Embittered by the deaths of her angelic parents, Shana denies Leon. She wants nothing to do with vampires, and walks away only to put both of their lives in danger. Compassion brings Shana back to Leon’s side only to find him hovering close to death. Love grows until they are both encompassed by The Burn. Together they battle dark spirits and Lucifer himself, all the while falling deeper in love.

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Leon winced when he heard Shana’s name. He wanted to hate her. He tried to curse her. He couldn’t forget her. The taste of her blood burned into his memory. Even now he craved one delicious drop. He didn’t want to look, but he couldn’t turn away. He didn’t want to know anything about her childhood. Her small voice whimpered as her tiny arms wrapped around her sister’s neck. Loud footsteps stomped across the old, linoleum floor. He couldn’t stop himself from watching the nightmarish scene play out before his eyes.

Just as the older girl picked Shana up and started for the basement door, the older woman swung her arm with the metal spatula in her hand. It smacked hard against the bare skin on Shana’s back. The sound of metal striking skin made Leon jerk in outrage. Shana’s small body arched in pain. Leon wanted to comfort her as she cried out then buried her face in her older sister’s shoulder. He watched helplessly as the girls hurried through the dark doorway and disappeared down the steps.

Leon turned his hatred on the older woman with the spatula. She stood in the doorway where the little girls disappeared with her hands on her hips. She grumbled underneath her breath then stomped back to the stove as if nothing ever happened. Fire shot from his eyes as his hands clenched at his sides.

About the Author:

Kristal Dawn Harris is an American author, born in Middletown, Ohio, on August 16, 1970. She currently resides in Ohio with her husband. Kristal has been married for 27 years and has two children. She graduated from Carlisle High School in 1988, then furthered her education at Miami University. She has a business degree in Accounting Technology. Kristal spent twenty years working as an Office Coordinator in the hospital until she released her debut novel, “The Rings of Faolan-Emeralds,” through The Wild Rose Press.

In 1999, Kristal suffered a debilitating disease called “Guillain-Barre Syndrome.” This rare disease damaged the nerves in her body requiring the use of drop-foot braces in order to walk. Kristal considers herself a survivor and encourages anyone with a disability to follow their dreams.

Kristal has one more book contracted with The Wild Rose Press which will release in 2019. She is considered a hybrid author since she published “Hand-Carved Wolf” on her own. Kristal is an avid reader who enjoys romance from all genres, but paranormal is her favorite.


The Rings of Faolan-Emeralds

Hand-Carved Wolf

The Rings of Faolan-Rubies

The Burn

The Red Heart


Red Snowflakes






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