Angelbound Quasi Redux Book Tour

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Myla Lewis has her life back. Wife. Mother. Queen. Great Scala. Queen of the Thrax. Yay! Then one day, Myla runs across a supernatural waterfall that makes her igni screech like crazy. Our heroine speaks the fateful words, “Some days, I wish I weren’t the Great Scala.”

The waterfall grants her wish.

A moment later, Myla is back at Purgatory High. No husband. No child. No powers beyond her old quasi days. And without Myla around as the Great Scala, all quasis now live under Armageddon’s rule. That sucks. Hard. So Myla sneaks into Antrum—she simply must find Lincoln and figure this out. Once she arrives, two problems arise.

First, her husband doesn’t know her. At all.

Second, Lincoln is married to someone else.



In which Myla Lewis kicks ass and takes names. Nuff said.

1. Angelbound
2. Scala
3. Acca
4. Thrax
5. The Dark Lands
6. The Brutal Time
7. Armageddon
8. Quasi Redux

Read an Excerpt

I step past the trio of thrax guards writhing on the ground.

Meh. They’ll live. Plus, it serves them right for trying to tackle me.

My best friend, Cissy, stares at the same scene. “This isn’t right,” she snaps. “Before you said and I quote, when we break into Antrum, there will be no fighting.”

“True, but that wasn’t a real battle. I just tripped those guards by mistake.”

Cissy rolls her eyes. “Myla, you punched that guy in the nuts.”

I give an eye roll right back. “Same difference. He’s down, isn’t he?”

Cissy shoots another nervous look at the guards, who remain passed out on the ground. Except for the junk-punch guy. He’s awake, just not moving yet.

Cissy narrows her eyes. “And why are we here again?”

“Because at this time of day, Lincoln will be training the young lords. I can catch up with him, easy peasy.”

Cissy nibbles her thumbnail. “And he’s your husband.”

“In another reality, yeah.”

“But he won’t know you here.”

“No.” My tail arcs over my shoulder. The arrowhead end points right at my face. I’ve seen this move before. “I know, bud. Cis is acting strangely.” I refocus on my friend. “I feel like we’ve covered all this before. Why do you keep asking the same questions?”

Cissy shifts her weight from foot to foot. “Just give me the plan one more time.”

“I’ll talk to my guy and all our troubles will end.” Cissy still looks skeptical, so I continue. “Lincoln is a rock. I haven’t changed; he hasn’t changed. Sure, there’s probably some spell on his memories and—just like you—he won’t know me right away.”

“I don’t remember you at all.”

“Doesn’t matter. Once I explain things, Lincoln will believe me. Then together, we’ll fix this mess.”

“So you say.” Cissy throws up her hands. “How can I be sure?”

“Here’s the deal. When it comes to me, you always have a healthy dose of skepticism, but I bulldoze you into things anyway. Come on, let’s go before the guards get mobile.”

And as I suspected, that speech works perfectly. Without another word, Cissy follows me as I step off to find Lincoln.

About the Author:
Christina Bauer thinks that fantasy books are like bacon: they just make life better. All of which is why she writes romance novels that feature demons, dragons, wizards, witches, elves, elementals, and a bunch of random stuff that she brainstorms while riding the Boston T. Oh, and she includes lots of humor and kick-ass chicks, too.

Christina graduated from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School with BA’s in English along with Television, Radio, and Film Production. She lives in Newton, MA with her husband, son, and semi-insane golden retriever, Ruby.

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Rip to the Rescue Blurb Blitz

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It’s 1940 and Nazi bombs are raining down on London, but 13-year-old bike messenger Jack has just discovered something unbelievable: a stray dog with a surprising talent.

Jack navigates the smoky, ash-covered streets of London amid air raid sirens and falling bombs, dodging shrapnel and listening for cries for help, as a bike messenger for fire crews. When Jack finds a dog, miraculously still alive after the latest Nazi bombing of London, he realizes there’s something extra special about the shaggy pup–he can smell people who are trapped under debris.

With his new canine companion, nicknamed Rip because of the dog’s torn ear, maybe Jack can do more than just relay messages back-and-forth–he can actually save lives. And if Jack’s friend Paula is right about the impending Nazi invasion, he and Rip will need to do all they can to help Jewish families like hers.

There’s just one problem: Jack has to convince his ill-tempered father to let him keep Rip.

Based on true episodes during the London Blitz in World War II, this action-packed and touching story explores the beginnings of search-and-rescue dogs and the bravery and resourcefulness of young people determined to do their part for their country.

Read an Excerpt

Messenger Boy
(September 1940)

“It’s down to you now, Jack,” said Warden Yates, scribbling on a report form. “The line’s gone dead to the fire station. Get to Skinner Street soon as you can.”

Jack and the warden both ducked as a cluster of incendiary bombs exploded across nearby rooftops. Jack could hear shrapnel jingling down the slates like a tune he could almost whistle.

“Close,” he muttered, stuffing the message into the pocket of his blue overalls. Then he tightened the strap under his helmet and mounted his bike.

“Keep your head down!” cried the warden as Jack rode off, swerving to avoid the bomb crater at the top of the road. There was a shop on fire up ahead, lighting up the road in the blackout. Jack raced past as fast as he could, hoping sparks wouldn’t set fi re to his clothes. That’s what happened to Tommy Shepherd last week, and he was still in hospital with serious burns. Tommy was fifteen, almost two years older than Jack. They’d both lied about their ages to get into the messengers.

You were supposed to be seventeen.

“What an adventure,” Tommy had murmured to him as they stood in line at the Town Hall two months earlier. Jack was a full head taller than Tommy and the wardens accepted them both into training without a murmur back in July. Now it was the end of September and London had been bombed every night since the seventh.

Even if they found out I was only thirteen, they wouldn’t chuck me out, Jack told himself, freewheeling past a pile of rubble. Especially since Tommy got hit.

The thought spurred him on, dreams of making heroic rescues in burning buildings chasing him down the street.

About the Author:   imageanchor=”1″ style=”clear: left; float: left; margin-bottom: 1em; margin-right: 1em;”>Miriam Halahmy is a poet, special needs educator, and novelist. She has worked with refugees in schools as well as in workshops she led for PEN and the Medical Foundation for the Victims of Torture. Her books include Behind Closed Doors and Hidden, which was nominated for the Carnegie Medal.

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Canoodling Up North Blurb Blitz

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At first glance, Damon MacGregor is living his best life as a bachelor and veterinarian in rural Wisconsin. That is until a wounded crane and an enchanted stranger bring his house-of-cards life crashing down. Not exactly where she expected to be at this time in her life, Catrina “Cat” Carneri has left her dreams in Montana to move back to her hometown where she is nursing a broken heart and working for an ungrateful boss.

A chance encounter at a wildlife rescue changes everything. Cat’s calm and organized demeanor impresses Damon. However, it is how her hair reminds him of autumn and is complimented by her curvaceous figure that beckons him to pull Cat into his arms, claiming her as his own. Damon’s compassion and gregarious personality intrigues Cat. Yet it is his cobalt blue eyes that first capture her heart; so infinite in their depth, she knows the moment he touches her, he takes a hold of her soul.

Soon after forging their passionate bond, a secret from Cat’s past has her facing a difficult decision. If she tells Damon the truth, he may leave or give her the chance to rebuild his trust. If she keeps the secret and Damon finds out, he will leave her forever.

Canoodling Up North is a love story about building fulfilling relationships; fostered in traditional values, confronted by modern complex challenges, while being nurtured by Wisconsin’s natural, cultural, and spiritual beauty.

Read an Excerpt

Damon MacGregor was the kind of man people noticed. Towering at 6-feet 6-inches with a shock of red shaggy hair that melded into a closely trimmed beard and mustache, it was easy to see that he would stand out in a crowd. It also helped that his preference of clothing made him look like a lumberjack most of the time; jeans, brown work boots, and a plaid cotton shirt during spring and summer switched to flannel in the fall and winter. Damon took up space when he entered a room because of his broad shoulders and muscular thighs that showed through his jeans. He didn’t deliberately wear tight jeans; it was just that he always found it difficult to find jeans long and wide enough to fit his build, and he wasn’t about to spend an obscene amount of money on clothes that he could easily buy at a big box store.

As much as his appearance screamed, “Notice me!!!” he had other features that were just as intoxicating. Against his creamy white skin and shocking red hair, his ice-blue eyes were striking. A person could look at them and feel like they were looking out into an immense ocean, the color so crystal clear that you could see to the bottom. Just above his beard line lay another surprise. When Damon smiled or laughed, twin dimples appeared in his apple cheeks.

With her eyes still closed, Cat tried to clear her head. However, being a firstborn child, that was hard to do. Always trying to pay attention to the details, always trying to be the best, always trying to be perfect took a toll on her in more ways than one. At least she granted herself this moment to not do anything or be there for anyone else. This was her time and her time alone. She deserved it. She deserved to not do anything at all. Though she was no longer a kid, in Marshall’s eyes she would always be one, and therefore the one and only rule for Loon Lake, “kids rule,” was guaranteed to Cat if she came to the cabin to visit.

After her sun-kissed meditation, Cat squinted her eyes open and looked at the sky. If she had to guess, it was getting close to dinnertime. She felt something prickly on her leg and looked down. A pale-blue dragonfly with black wings had landed on her thigh. For such a beautiful creature, she was surprised at how coarse their legs felt on her skin. Cat smiled, noticing how the dragonfly’s coloring matched her swimsuit. She wondered if the suit attracted it to her. Since no one was around, Cat talked to the dragonfly as if it could understand her. “Hello, Mr. Dragonfly! I want to thank you for eating up the mosquitoes up here.

About the Author:
Shawn M. Verdoni is the author of Canoodling Up North: Book One, Canoodling Out West: Book Two, and is working on her third book. She attended UW Whitewater for her degree in secondary education and is currently attending MSOE to complete her Master’s in Business Administration. Her best days are spent with her husband, two children and two dogs just hanging out. She loves living in Wisconsin, especially in fall when you can find her in a pumpkin patch or an apple orchard collecting tart baking apples for her famous crumble crust apple pie.

Web site:
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Head Games Book Blast

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She’s seen it all, until…Head Games, a Medical Thriller from Eileen Dreyer —St. Louis, Missouri-Present Day—

St. Louis death investigator and trauma nurse Molly Burke has seen just about everything, until gifts begin showing up on her doorstep—gifts like human eyes and painted bones—the signature of a twisted serial killer.

Complicating the dangerous situation, Molly’s 16-year-old nephew unexpectedly shows up on her doorstep, with problems of his own.

Now, Molly must balance the investigation into the mind of a monster, who’s taking her back to the worst years of her life, while launching a rescue mission for her nephew. The question is, will she survive either?

Publisher’s Note: No one writes medical thrillers better than former Trauma Nurse, Eileen Dreyer. This tight medical thriller contains profanity consistent with the salty speech of crime investigators and does NOT contain sexual content.

“A tensely plotted thriller that compels the reader to the last shocking page…Dreyer deftly displays her droll sense of humor while spinning a tale of taut terror…complex, riveting, funny, and compelling.” ~The Denver Post

“Nearly flawless. The dialogue is witty, yet shot through with verisimilitude. The insights into hospitals, medical examiners’ offices, police departments, and the military are stunning.” ~St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Read an Excerpt

Magnum was barking so loudly he was going to wake up the baby at the end of the block. Pointing to her nephew, Molly addressed her friend the cop. “Don’t let him out of your sight. I’ll be right back.”

“But Aunt Molly—”

But Aunt Molly was already stalking through the kitchen, where she could just make out Magnum’s massive head outside the door.

He had something. Something he dropped every time he started barking, and then picked up again, like a furry bellboy with room service.

Something white.

That shouldn’t have given Molly the creeps. Tonight, it did. It looked like a flower box, the kind long-stemmed roses come in.

Probably something that had been tossed over the fence from the neighboring streets. Molly’s yard sided along Euclid, where an eclectic crowd frequented the trendy shops and restaurants tucked all along the Central West End. Since she’d moved home, Molly had found everything from condoms to a full-sized mannequin dressed as Fidel Castro in her backyard.

But the way Magnum played with that box made her think she had more than Castro on her hands.

Pushing the door open, Molly reached out, and Magnum obliged, dropping his prize in her hand. Slick with dog drool and ragged with careful gnaw marks, it was, indeed, a flower box. And it wasn’t empty.

“Uh, Dee?” she called, suddenly even more worried about those notes she’d been getting than she had been. “Can you come in here?”

He did, which set Magnum off all over again. Molly shushed the dog and motioned the policeman over as she laid the box on her kitchen table and opened it.

She saw the glint of gold first. Nestled in layers of white tissue. Heavy and solid. But not all gold. Decorated in gold. Painted with gold hearts. Gold hearts and red crosses.

And letters. Words.

“What the hell—” Dee muttered, leaning in for a closer look as Molly pulled the last layer of tissue apart to fully reveal what lay within.

“It’s a fake,” Molly insisted, even though she knew better.

She didn’t touch it, even though she wanted to. She didn’t pick it up or tilt it over just to make sure she was right.

She didn’t have to, really. After all the time she’d spent in EDs and Medical Examiners’ offices, it was virtually impossible for her not to recognize a human thighbone.

A thighbone painted with the salutation “This is for Molly Burke.”

About the Author:
New York Times Bestselling, award-winning author Eileen Dreyer has published 40 novels and 10 short stories under her name and that of her evil twin, Kathleen Korbel in contemporary romance, paranormal romance, historical romance, romantic suspense, mystery and medical forensic suspense. A proud member of RWA’s Hall of FAME, she also has numerous awards from RT BookLovers and an Anthony nomination for mystery. She is now focusing on what she calls historic romantic adventure in her DRAKE’S RAKES series. A native of St. Louis, she still lives there with her family. She has animals but refuses to subject them to the limelight.


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Internship with the Devil Book Blast

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Grace Turner scores the opportunity of a lifetime interning with an Ex-NFL player. But working under Brock Anderson turns out to be the job from hell. The hometown hero turned athletic trainer has a reputation as the best in his field, but his volatile personality makes working with him miserable.

Despite the animosity between them, he’s highly respected in his field and interning under him could mean everything for her career. The long days, longer nights, injuries, and busses filled with smelly athletes are the easy part. The biggest battle is the unwarranted attraction to Brock that she can’t seem to shake.

But as Grace spends more and more time with her brooding boss, she uncovers that his abrasive nature is deep rooted in his grief—something she’s no stranger to.

The glimpses of the man beneath the harsh exterior Brock presents to the world leave Grace conflicted in her feelings for him. As the internship draws to a close, Grace is faced with a choice that could set her future on an entirely new course.

Read an Excerpt

My stomach clenched when I glanced at Brock. His expression. Holy shit. If what I had seen before on him was anger, then this was past that. I went through everything I could’ve done wrong. Did I forget equipment? Sweat broke out on my forehead and my pulse pounded.

He walked toward me, stopping a few feet in front of me and fisted his hand at his side. His nostrils flared, his lip curling up on one side as he barked at me. “Let’s go.”

“Woah, Anderson. What happened?”

“I’ll explain when we get to your room.” He brushed passed me, going straight for the elevator. “Come on.”

I followed him, pillow in my hands and preparing for whatever bomb he was going to drop. But, I knew him well enough to know he was stirring. When he was ready to say it, only then would he say it. It didn’t help the situation when we were squished into the elevator, both of us in the back corner. Our arms touched, all fifteen of us pressed together. I swore Brock’s arm tightened, pulling back from me but there was nowhere to go. Whatever. He was too much head drama.

Up we went. We were on the seventh floor when he marched out, dropping his bags in front of the first door to the right. He turned to me, nose pinched, exhaling way too deeply from an elevator ride.

I’d had enough. “Brock, you’re being really weird. What is going on?”

“Coach misread your name as Grant,” he said, only then opening his eyes to look at me. I waited to hear more, because surely that wasn’t enough to get his panties in a knot. I crossed my arms, raising an eyebrow. He exhaled, staring at the door before looking back at me. “The hotel is sold out of rooms.”

“Yeah, it looked packed downstairs.” I rolled my eyes, shaking my head in frustration. “What is the damn problem? Spit it out.”

His eyes widened at my tone, but damn him. He was more dramatic than the old biddies who came into the restaurant and argued over the fifty cents ranch cost. “Well?”

“We’re stuck rooming together.” He said as though informing me someone had died.




About the Author: 
Jaqueline Snowe lives in Arizona where the “dry heat” really isn’t that bad. She identifies as a full-blown Gryffindor and prefers drinking coffee all hours of the day. She is the mother to two fur-babies who don’t realize they aren’t humans and a new mom to her adorable son. Her life revolves around balancing her day job in education and her incessant need to write and explore the world with her wonderful baseball-loving husband.

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Among the Pages Book Tour

Among the Pages

by Sara R. Turnquist


GENRE: Historical Romance (sweet)



A woman’s choice…is in question.

Brianne is a somewhat naïve college freshman. She becomes disillusioned as her professors and peers challenge many of her long-held beliefs. When she finds a diary that belonged to a distant relative, she hopes it will offer much needed distraction. And she is soon drawn into the story of a passionate woman who seems to whisper from the past.

In 1915’s New York, idealist and primary teacher Margaret struggles with the problems women face at home and in society. She is first timid about speaking her mind, but in time cannot keep her impassioned spirit hidden—not even from the gentleman who teaches in the classroom next door. His concern for her stretches the limits of their friendship, pressing into something more. Caught up in the Women’s Suffrage Movement, she faces down authority figures and others who question her beliefs.

And so, Brianne is whisked along on this journey as Margaret joins the fight for women’s rights, all the while trying to work through her own questions and experiences with modern feminism.

Before long, things spin out of control and she wonders where her newfound relationship fits into everything? Are there any clear answers? Will she land on her feet? Or be forever lost to herself?


Excerpt Three:

CONTEMPORARY TIME PERIOD – Brianne goes to hear a Speaker from NOW (National Organization for Women)

“Ask yourself,” the woman continued, now staring at Brianne.

Heat crept into her cheeks.

“What am I worth? Where does my value lie? What can I take hold of and rely on in this life?”

Ms. Mason scanned the room, and Brianne shivered.

As much as she’d like to dismiss all of this as nonsense, the woman’s questions would not quiet. Where was her worth?

Wasn’t it in Christ? That felt rather abstract. Could that be a foundation?

Her parents believed she was special, but they wouldn’t always be there.

Scott seemed to think her worth his time and attention. Should she rely on a man to give her value? That made her uneasy.

Where did she belong? On what truth might she base her life? Her value?

She rolled the question in her mind. Stymied.

Thunderous applause broke out around her; several of the students and faculty around her rose.

Brianne clapped and stood. Except… she didn’t know what to think about the speech. Still, it was the polite thing to do. Wasn’t it?

The applause quieted, and the crowd started moving, some toward the exit, some toward the speaker.

Brianne gathered her notebook and pen, bending to grab her bag.

“I’m going to ask her some questions,” Daria said, leaning over her.

Brianne shot up and looked at the front of the room. A small crowd surrounded Ms. Mason. “Sure.”

Daria gripped at her elbow. “Come on.”

Did she wish to face down Ms. Mason? The thought made her stomach do a little flip. She met Daria’s eyes. “I think I’ll head back to the dorm. I’ve got that Chemistry homework to finish.” And I want some time to think. Alone.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Sara is a coffee lovin’, word slinging, Historical Romance author whose super power is converting caffeine into novels. She loves those odd little tidbits of history that are stranger than fiction. That’s what inspires her. Well, that and a good love story.

But of all the love stories she knows, hers is her favorite. She lives happily with her own Prince Charming and their gaggle of minions. Three to be exact. They sure know how to distract a writer! But, alas, the stories must be written, even if it must happen in the wee hours of the morning.

Sara is an avid reader and enjoys reading and writing clean Historical Romance when she’s not traveling. Her books range from the Czech lands to the American wild west and from ancient Egypt to the early 1900s. Some of her titles include The Lady Bornekova, Hope in Cripple Creek, The General’s Wife, Trail of Fears, and the Convenient Risk Series.

Happy Reading!


Twitter:  @sarat1701

Facebook Author   @authorsararturnquist


Instagram:       @sarat0103

Pinterest:         @saravturnquist

YouTube:        Sara Turnquist

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The Unholy by Paul DeBlassie III

The Unholy

by Paul DeBlassie III


GENRE: Thriller



Winner of the International Book Award and Pinnacle Book Award for Visionary Fiction! The Unholy is a dramatic story of Claire Sanchez, a young medicine woman, intent on discovering the closely-guarded secrets of her past. Forced into a life-and-death battle against an evil Archbishop, William Anarch, she confronts the dark side of religion and the horror of one man’s will to power.



“Hush now, child,” said a voice she recognized as that of her mother’s closest friend. “The man cannot harm you, mijita, as long as you are with us. We will make him think you are dead. But you must be very quiet. Ya no llores,” the woman warned, raising a finger to her lips.

The woman then carried her into a dark cave illuminated by the light of a single candle. The cave was frightening, with shadows of what appeared to be goblins and demons dancing on the red sandstone walls. “I will return for you soon. You will be safe here,” the woman said. The girl watched the woman walk away, shivering as a breeze blew through the cave’s narrow passages.

Closing her eyes, she rocked back and forth—imagining herself safe in her mother’s arms—then opened her eyes to the light of the full moon shining through the mouth of the cave. The shadows on the walls were just shadows now, no longer goblins and demons. As she slipped into a trance, images flickered in her mind. She saw the woman who had brought her to this place scattering pieces of raw meat around the open mesa where her mother had struggled, helped by two other women the girl could not identify.

Suddenly, the scene shifted to a stone ledge jutting over the mesa, and she heard the pounding footsteps of a man running toward the women. The girl felt her heart race and her breathing quicken, afraid that the bad man would spot them and kill them. Then the image shifted again, and she now saw on the mesa three gray wolves circling the raw meat and the man walking away from the granite ledge. As he left, she heard his thought: The child is dead.


Did you always want to be a writer?

I always knew I was a psychologist/writer. The unconscious mind was my interest/passion. Writing essays in depth psychology and supernatural thrillers explore unconscious mysteries and its magic. It’s what I do.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Paul DeBlassie III, Ph.D. is a depth psychologist and award-winning writer living in his native New Mexico. He specializes in treating individuals in emotional and spiritual crisis. His novels, visionary thrillers, delve deep into archetypal realities as they play out dramatically in the lives of everyday people. Memberships include the Author’s Guild, Visionary Fiction Alliance, Depth Psychology Alliance, International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, and the International Association for Jungian Studies.



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Sub-lebity Virtual Book Tour


by Leon Acord


GENRE:   Memoir



A droll, oddly inspirational memoir from the actor Breitbart once called “a gay leftist activist,” SUB-LEBRITY by Leon Acord (Old Dogs & New Tricks) is an honest, sometimes bitchy but always sincere story about growing up (very) gay in rural Indiana, achieving acting success outside the closet, and generating headlines with his very-public smackdown with Trump-loving Susan Olsen (Cindy, The Brady Bunch)



I’d never listened to “Two Chicks Talkin’ Politics” before.  But some friends had, and they urged me to reconsider.  Sheena was a big-hearted liberal, but she was also soft-spoken and new age-y.  Susan [Olsen] was a loud, rabid Trump fanatic.  I was walking into a trap, they warned.

I checked out Cindy’s – I mean, Susan’s – Facebook page.  Whoa.

While I felt confident I could hold my own, I shared my concerns with Sheena.  She promised she would moderate and not allow the discussion to de-evolve into a shouting match.  While it had at times been difficult to continue the show with Susan, she said, she had lots of practice dealing with her good friend.  Nonetheless, Sheena told me she expected me to “play nice.” 

Before the show, I crammed on the facts like a pre-law student studying for the bar exam.

I arrived at the LA Talk Radio studios prepared and calm.  Sheena greeted me in the lobby.  She warned me Susan invited a friend – a fellow Trump fanatic – to appear on the show opposite me for “balance.”  Uh oh.  Instead of interviewing me about my thoughts on politics, they clearly wanted me to debate politics. 

I suddenly felt like Rosie O’Donnell on her last day at The View.

Sheena walked me into the booth and introduced me to Susan’s friend.  We waited for Susan, who was dangerously close to being late.

Susan eventually rushed into the booth in a flurry, a fountain of apologies. Migraines had caused her to oversleep, she said – never mind that it was just shy of 5 p.m.  She didn’t hear her alarm because she’d been sleeping in a metal helmet that Larry King’s wife had given her.  Mrs. King guaranteed sleeping in the helmet would rid her of headaches, Susan explained – but it just wasn’t working!

As the “On Air” light switched on, I thought to myself, Cindy Brady is nuts.


“Rapidly Changing Channels” by Leon Acord

            Recent, rapid technological advances have been huge game-changers in show business.  Yes, it’s made exposure more accessible to all. It even helped me finally create my own sitcom after over twenty years in the industry.

But it’s altered film and TV as much as the publishing and music industries, in ways large and small. Sometimes I barely recognize my industry at all anymore.

            Television had already changed drastically since the 1970s, when it first inspired me to be an actor.  But advances in just the past decade are mind-boggling.  When we first launched Old Dogs & New Tricks in 2011, Amazon was just a place to buy CDs and books. Netflix was still in the DVD rental business. 

            Now, every company short of the Waffle House has its own “network.”  Netflix, Hulu and Amazon dominate the Emmys as HBO once had.  Literally hundreds of shows come and go. It seems next to impossible to keep up with so many shows, harder still to accomplish “market penetration.”  Small loyal audiences are now just as impressive to advertisers as casual large audiences. 

            There is a plus side.  Once the bastard stepchild of Hollywood, the television industry is now more respected than the feature film industry. 

            On the downside, it’s harder than ever for unknowns to break in.

            When I grew up watching TV, there was a stable of journeyman actors, respected in the industry but otherwise unknown – actors you’d recognize in the supermarket without remembering their names – who made their careers in guest-starring roles, season after season. 

            Those days are long gone.

            With so many former “big names” now scrambling for work – any work – those one-and-done episodic guest roles now go to them.  It’s called “stunt casting” and it gets ratings.  I know; I’ve done it myself when casting guest stars on Old Dogs & New Tricks

            Perhaps the biggest alteration in the show-biz fabric?  You’re holding it in your hands. Its social media.

            To stay relevant, stars and wannabes alike must post constantly – fab photos on Instagram, witty political bytes on Twitter, upcoming appearances on Facebook.  (And even more apps this old fart doesn’t use.)

            Producers, networks, casting people want “influencers.” Now, the number of followers an actor has is often as important as the amount of talent s/he offers – sadly, sometimes more important. It often makes the difference between who gets the part and who doesn’t. 

            Some young “actors” make mint not by starring in some sitcom or releasing a hit song, but by simply posting photos of themselves drinking this energy drink, wearing those sneakers, checking into that hotel. 

            Speaking of social media, there’s a reason your favorite A-List movie stars are lining up to star in TV series on cable and streaming services, and not just because the quality now exceeds films, or because the seasons are usually shorter than network shows. 

            In today’s blink-and-the-conversation’s-moved-on era of total media saturation and one million channels, stars (and their managers and agents) realize starring in one big-budget film every 12 or 18 months isn’t enough to stay in the dialogue longer than a week or two.  By next week, everyone will be talking about something else.  New product is needed constantly to keep fans engaged, and you need to be in as much of it as possible. 

            It’s all just too exhausting to think about. 

            Laurence tells me, I’m a better actor now than I’ve ever been.  And he’s right.  I have chops.  My emotions are fluid.  I no longer require “prep time” to “get into character.” 

The irony is, while I’m better than ever, I’ve never had fewer opportunities.

I’ve also never felt less ambitious to chase after them – which may be the biggest seismic change (at least personally) of all!

But even auditioning is completely different now – altered even before COVID-19 sent us all home. Self-tape? Seriously? That’s no fun! I don’t like taking selfies!

            I’ve also been spoiled rotten by working with a thoroughly prepared and professional crew and cast on Old Dogs & New Tricks.  It’s much harder to bite my tongue now when new colleagues don’t match the professionalism to which I’ve grown accustomed. Sometimes I don’t bite my tongue at all – not the best way to generate work or a reputation.  Case in point:

            Huddled in a shadowy North Hollywood storefront to avoid the blistering sunshine, actor Wenzel Jonesand I waited for our extremely late director to show up for rehearsal.  When the director arrived some twenty-plus minutes later, he informed us he lost the keys to the theatre. We’d have to rehearse on the roof, he said, until the theatre owner showed up.

            “I am not rehearsing on the roof in this heat!” I snapped. And I didn’t stop there.  “I expect my director to be inside the theatre, waiting and ready to start rehearsal on time.  Why should we care about being punctual if you don’t?”

            Rightly cowed, the director scrambled off.  Feeling instantly guilty, I turned to Wenzel.

            “Why can’t I be one of those actors who can go off on a director without immediately feeling bad afterwards?”

            “There’s a name for actors like that, Leon,” Wenzel deadpanned.  “They’re called ‘stars.’” 

            One thing I know: I am not, never have been, and never will be a “star.”  I know what I am.  And I’m quite happy with my obscure status of “sub-lebrity.” Perhaps now more than ever!


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Leon Acord is an award-winning actor and writer who has appeared in over 35 films you’ve never seen and 30 plays you’ve never heard of. Possible exceptions include the digital TV series Old Dogs & New Tricks on Amazon Prime Video (which he created, wrote & co-produced), and the stage hit Carved in Stone (in which he played Quentin Crisp in both SF and LA productions). His memoir, SUB-LEBRITY: The Queer Life of a Show-Biz Footnote, is now available in paperback & e-book on Amazon. He wrote his one-man show Last Sunday in June (1996) and co-authored the 2014 play Setting the Record Gay. He was a “Take Five” columnist for Back Stage West throughout 2009 and a former contributor to Huffington Post. He has also written for San Francisco Examiner and the journal Human Prospect. He currently lives in West LA with husband Laurence Whiting & their cat Toby.  Learn more at



Old Dogs & New Tricks website:


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The Descendant by Melissa Riddell

The Descendant

by Melissa Riddell


GENRE:   Sci-Fy Romance



She wants her world back; he wants her heart.

Tilly Morgan and her four-legged companion, Kodiak, are just trying to survive the alien arrival. Two years ago, the visitors unleashed devastation—a world-wide EMP followed by a deadly virus that wiped out more than half of humanity.

Traversing the lonely landscape, she runs into an alien on patrol with one order: eradicate all human life. A mysterious, dark-haired stranger named Jareth comes to her aid, and she reluctantly allows him to join her quest to find her sister. He even persuades her to let the damaged alien tag along against her better judgment.

As her group travels the desolate world and inches closer to her goal, she’s forced to examine her unwanted feelings for Jareth and come to terms with her heart, even if the truth threatens to destroy her and everything she’s come to believe.



Jareth clears his throat. “I know it’s not much, but I like the way it feels—the earthy smell, the chalky texture. Plus, it gets cooler back in the tunnels, which makes for great food storage.” His voice bounces from the walls, projecting the sound all around me.

Shadows cast by the edge of the distant firelight flicker across his face, revealing the hollow of a small dimple in his cheek. It’s a face that’s near perfection. Too bad he had to open his mouth and ruin it.

“Like what you see, Red?”

Oh, my God. I’m going to kill this man. Blood rushes to my face, but I’m not sure if it’s from embarrassment or anger.

Pressing my lips together, I try to focus on anything that’s not him. The earthen smell he mentioned isn’t unpleasant. It reminds me of mom’s garden; digging our hands into the dark, moist soil to plant seedlings for the summer season. It’s a satisfying, honest scent.

But I’m not about to let him know that. “Kind of smells like bat crap in here.”

Hazarding a glance at his face, he nods his head, the small smile still playing about his lips. “Oh, that’s what the smell is? I thought it was body odor and dog fur.”

I will kill the jerk in his sleep tonight.

Pivoting on the balls of my feet, I stalk back to Kodiak.

Dreadful. Hateful. Spiteful man. “I hope a stalactite falls on your head.”


An Interview with the Author:

  1. How long have you been a published author?

Since The Descendant released, so for about nine months, but my publisher, DLG Publishing Partners, has released two o

  1. Do you have any new releases coming soon?

Yes! I’ll have a paranormal romance called Ravenlight releasing on October 7, and then the third book of the Baltin Trilogy, called The Redeemer—and Tilly’s prequel—in the winter.

  1. If you could co-write with another author who would it be?

Well, if I had to stay within my genre, I’d hands-down say Laura Thalassa. If I were branching out to horror and thrillers, I’d pick Stephen King, though I’d be so intimidated I’d blubber like Patrick Starfish in Spongebob Squarepants, and probably look like him, too.

  1. Do you listen to music while writing? If yes, what songs are your favorites?

I don’t listen to it while writing because it distracts me, but music plays a big part in shaping my scenes and characters. I like to listen to a playlist before writing to help me get into their headspace. My top five favorite bands/singers are Roy Khan, David Bowie, Starset, Pink Floyd, and Gary Numan.

  1. What genres do you write in?

Sci-fi romance, paranormal romance, fantasy, and urban fantasy.

  1. If you could write anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I’m not picky—if it’s quiet, I’m happy. If there’s too much going on around me, I can’t concentrate.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Melissa Riddell is from a small, West Texas town in which she still lives with her husband. Her writing career started as a hobby when she was a teenager, writing poems and short stories. Eventually, she branched out and began constructing novels. When not contemplating new story ideas, she can be found traipsing around Texas State Parks, herding her cats, or reading a book.

You can follow her on several different social media platforms below:



Amazon buy link:

The book will be $0.99 during the tour.


Melissa Riddell will giveaway to randomly drawn winners via Rafflecopter a $10 Amazon/BN GC, a signed copy of The Descendant (book 1), or an ARC of the second book in the series.

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