Christmas Comes to Dickens

Christmas Comes to Dickens

Individual Author Feature/Box Set Information

Individual Book Title: Holly’s Wish

Author: Kathleen Lawless

Blurb for Holly’s Wish

Do wishes come true?

All her life, Holly has believed in the power of wishing.  Except for the “big one”.  The phone call that never came after a memorable encounter one Christmas Eve.

She can’t forget Nico and their synchronicity that night. Dare she risk a second heartbreak when her latest wish brings Nico back into her life?

Excerpt A: Holly’s Wish

“You should never underestimate the power of wishing for what you want. It always worked for me,” Holly’s friend, Kris, said.

“Oh, I do,” Holly said blithely. “Every shooting star, new moon, and birthday candle.  You

 name it, I send my wish out there. It’s not my fault no one seems to be listening.”

“Your time will come,” Kris said.

As Kris spoke, the shop door opened with a tinkle of overhead bells. Holly looked over to see a tall, dark-hair man stamping snow off his feet. She took a second look, because, truthfully there weren’t a lot of good-looking men in town. Something about him seemed familiar, but before Holly could get a good look he turned away. She was left with an impression of a square jaw, pronounced cheekbones, with a straight, masculine nose nicely balanced above full lips. Maybe she had taken his photo at some point.

When he passed her in the aisle without a second look, she figured she must be mistaken. She paused at the door for one last look, but his back was toward her.  Typical man, doing his Christmas shopping at the last minute.

Author Bio:

Kathleen Lawless blames a misspent youth watching Rawhide, Maverick and Bonanza for her fascination with cowboys, which doesn’t stop her from creating a wide variety of interests and occupations for her alpha male heroes.   

Her hero, Steele, in UNDERCOVER, is a modern-day cowboy, so when she was wooed by a man called Steel— while he’s not a cowboy, he is an Alpha male and her forever hero.  Which is why all of her stories end Happily Ever After.

Not that she can ever stick to just one genre.  So many stories to tell—never enough time.

With over 30 published novels to her credit, she enjoys pushing the boundaries of traditional romance into historical romance, romantic suspense, women’s fiction and stories for young adults.        

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Box Set Title: Christmas Comes to Dickens

Box Set Blurb:

Welcome to Dickens—a quaint New England town bustling with excitement and anticipation for the upcoming Christmas holiday. We have the annual tree lighting in the town square, a snowman building competition, ice skating on Grosvenor’s Pond, and horse-drawn sleigh rides. You’re welcome to cut down your own Christmas tree at Gridley Meadows, or join in the caroling on the Common.

Dickens offers an abundance of heartfelt wishes, a few much needed miracles, and—quite possibly—a touch of magic! Families reunite, new friends are made, and old flames take a second chance at happiness. All while celebrating this most joyful time of the year.

Join us as our best selling and award-winning authors fill your holiday stocking with ten brand new novellas ranging from sweet to sassy.

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