The Code by Jacqueline Ruby and Marcellus Moses

The Code

by Jacqueline Ruby and Marcellus Moses


GENRE:   Fiction/general



The story of the two entangled stars is well known.

Albert Collins, entomology professor, becomes a social media sensation; the sensation becomes a giant celebrity; the celebrity becomes the “Manliest Man” alive.

The small time gangster, Memphis Smith, becomes a prisoner; the prisoner becomes the new Tupac Shakur; the new Tupac takes the world by storm.

Their parallel rise to fame and their fateful meeting on the Tonight show all played out in real time before their legions of fans and detractors.

Now, for the first time, their inside story, their secret story, is told by those who were closest to them.

Jacqueline (Jack) Ruby, super agent, reveals the methods that allowed Albert Collins to become the most desired man in the world. She takes us behind the scenes to the bankers, film producers and heiresses that made Albert into the very definition of manhood in the 21st. century.

Marcellus Moses does the same for Memphis Smith. He shows us the arrests and prison fights, the raw racism and brilliant talent that made Memphis Number One With A Bullet.

Jacqueline and Marcellus tell their insider accounts to the award winning novelist, Susan Brown, who weaves it altogether in the thunderous adventure of The Code.



Jack watched the expressions passing across Albert’s face as he oscillated between doubt and his secret belief that he deserved something better, much better. She saw him more clearly than ever, tugged between his two ways of being. She knew that he too, like all her clients, wanted and needed to be someone special, to be someone who was admired, loved, respected.

“Remember, Professor, when I said we would find your brand? Well, we may be beginning to see it. I’m not promising anything, but if Edward and I are right, and if we can build on these results, we may be on to something.”

“How will you build on the results?” Albert asked. “Another video?”

“We need to see if this reaction will stand up over time. I don’t know. Maybe the screen test is a flash in the pan, maybe it’s a one-off that can never be duplicated. I don’t know. It’s impossible to say until we see whether you can get the same response doing something else. We need to know if the magic belongs to you or is just a fluke of the test.”

“How will we do that?”

“I don’t know yet. I need to think about it. But whatever the next step, this is a great first one, a really great first one. I ask you only one thing: don’t do anything or talk to anyone about what you’re doing until we’re clear where we’re going.”


“Your wife, if you want, but nobody else. It’s likely to be a delicate operation. We don’t want to tip our hand before we’re ready to show it; you need to trust me. Will you trust me again?”


My Review:

The Code is a very intense page turner. It tells a very modern story of how the rise to fame through the Internet can be both great and destructive. I enjoyed the characters. They were fully developed and interesting to read about. It also depicts the life of those we tend to look up to. It educates us on the life and times of the ever revered stars of our society. It also shows just how amoral their lives can be. This is an excellent story that will have the reader not wanting to put the book down. I highly recommend reading it.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

JACQUELINE (JACK) RUBY is the founder and CEO of Jack Ruby and Associates, New York’s premiere talent agency. She is the co-author of The Code, a book based on real life events involving celebrity, greed, adultery, vanity, and violence. From the nation’s mansions and universities to TV shows and Instagram accounts, The Code reveals the inner workings of celebrity culture and moral decay permeating it.

CONNECT Website:

Facebook:         @jackrubyauthor

Goodreads:   Jacqueline Ruby

MARCELLUS MOSES is the head of Bad Man Records. Among others, he has built and managed the career of Creep-E and Fat Marcus.

Jacqueline and Marcellus tell their insider accounts to the award winning novelist, Susan Brown, who weaves it altogether in the thunderous adventure of The Code.




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